And then some miracles happened…..

Well for those of you have not spoken to my mother this past week has been quite the trek for me, here we go.

Just a little over a week ago I was started to hurt but pain is just apart of life so I didnt say anything. It was Wednesday when we went to lunch with the Elders and one of them looked at me and said Hermana Edwards you just went paper white what is going on. My comp just told him my color was ocming back, but the ELders woulod not take that for an answer. I then received a blessing from them and called the nurse and had orders to get some tests done.

Exactly my full year mark in Guate I was in a doctors office getting blood drawn. THe following day we got the results and I was sent right into the hospital where they hooked me up to an IV and started taking blood out of my body like it was a sport. My comp still didnt believe me that I wasnt feeling well. THe doctors kept talking about me going back to the States because they could not help me here……. that sa joke. Friday night was a rough night in the hospital but Saturday came and I woke up real early and started to study. The assistants to the President showed up to give me a blessing and they told me through my faith I would see miracles…… and that is exactly what happened.

All of the things that they were woried about on Friday kind of just disappeared and they only had to focus in on the procedure of the day. Now, remember 2 months back when I got my gallbladder taken out….. I guess some of those stones escaped and made their way down. FOr the procedure they put a tube down my throat and worked away basically having a war with my stomach. After 2 and a half hours of the procedure I was done. And I guess I was pretty darn funny when I woke up, I was contacting the doctors and nurses in Spanish….. the Church is true.

Current update I am out of the hospital and I think my comp finally believes me that I was a little sick…… But i have some members that are really helping me out and trying to take care of me. I am doing a lot better, my stomach is sore but I guess that is what happens when WWIII takes place inside your body. also my throat hurts…… but they did stick a tube down it so allis well. THe doctor that was heading my procedure told me it was the hardest surgery that he has had to do. He told me that he didnt know that he could do the things he did. Miracles.

More than anthing I know I have apurpose here. THis is 2 stays in the hospital, and 2 times that i have been given the chance to stay and finish my mission. I am grateful for trials, I am grateful for faith, I am grateful for the prayers of my mom. Well I hope you enjoy the fotos. We have pre operation and post operation……. THanks for your thoughts and prayers I love you all! Take care!

Con amor
Hermana Edwards



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