Feeling Great!!

After skyping with Alyssa yesterday, I can definitely say that she if feeling 100% better. She was quick witted, her testimony and love of the people was shining brightly. She was at the church skyping with us and many of the members would stop in to talk to her and say “hi” to us. It was so much fun to listen to her interact with them in Spanish and we found it very entertaining that she definitely speaks Spanish better than English at this point.

Date: Mon, 12 May 2014 16:56:41 -0600

Well sad thing firs,t I do not know what is up with my computer, but I can not post the pics from this last week…. rats…. we will just have to wait for next week.

But now onto the good stuff.

This past week was great. We were preparing a family for baptism. But of course as things go we hit a big bump in the road during interviews. Shoot. It ended up that two of the five people that we were going to baptize had to talk with our Mission President. It was hard for the two of them because they wanted to be baptized as a family. That same night the Mission President called the family and they were given permission to be baptized. It was a miracle. So on Saturday we had the grand opportunity to watch a family of 5 people enter the waters of baptism. I have never seen anything so special in my life. After the baptism, I asked how they felt and one of the ones that almost couldnt get baptized told me she felt free. And that is what the Atonement is. The atonement is liberation from our sins. We do not have to carry that burden. These two sweet people had been carrying a burden that was very heavy for a very long time and now they are free, because the Atonement works. It truly works and it truly heals. I am so grateful for that testimony building experience that that family gave to me. I would just like to use this opportunity to invite all of you to apply the Atonement better to your lives. If you are hurting or down trodden, it will lift you up and you will be free too.

Now onto other news. We all know the well anticipated mothers day call was yesterday…… I forgot to say Happy mothers day because I was just so dang excited to see my cute family. I was finally able to make contact with them after a suprise baptism that we were in charge of. And boy was I just as happy as a Guatemalan dog. I saw all of my cute family and my family got to see some of my Guate peeps. And they showed me that they are following in the Mothers Day tradition of using pinatas to celebrate. And this year was a special pinata. It was a monkey…. without a uterus (shout out to my first area and worst food I ever ate) but I hope it had its gallbladder….. but who knows. It really was special to talk to them, it is the last time that I get to talk to them before I go home…. that is if I don’t get operated on again….. It just shows how fast the time is going.

But this week was wonderful. I love moms, I love Guatemala, I love baptisms, I love the Atonement, I love being a missionary, I love that my dad still wears a Charlie Brown shirt and my comp tells me he dresses like a child….. I love a lot of things and there are a lot of things to love. Well know that i have just thrown out everything that I have in mind. I sure hope that you are all are doing well. Shout out to the moms out there…. good work ladies. I hope you all have a good week, do something nice for someone! Peace and Blessings!

Con amor
Hermana Edwards


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