Week 48

Hey guys! Whats up?

I know I say this in every letter…… but really it is sooooo hot…….. but that is the weather update for the week.

Now onto bigger news. Yesterday we were supposed to receive the call for transfers….. yeah that did not happen. We are still waiting to know what will happen. But I do not beleive that we have changes….. at least I sure hope not. My comp has been such an angel. She has taken care of me for the past few weeks. I do not really like to receive help, but I trust my comp. In the hospital the nurses were trying to do everything for me… like brush my teeth, help me use the bathroom, shower me…. and I would not have none of that, but my comp has truly been such a blessing.

Also this past week we had a few baptisms. Between the two sets of missionaries that are in this little branch – we have baptized 7 people. It was super neat. I love the missionaries that I get to work with, I am blessed. But it definitely was not easy to get all of those people in the water…. but like always it was worth it. Sunday we had to confirm all of them and it literally was 30 minutes of confirmations…… and after that my comp and I had to speak. My comp took up about 10 minutes and left me with about 30 seconds….. game on. But it was a good day nonetheless.

This past week was good, it was calm. We just worked really hard to care for the people that we were going to baptize. Oh we did find another snake…. but this one was alive. My comp was almost in tears and a couple of men saw that she went white and asked us what was going on. I yelled back there is a snake and they came booking it down the hill to see. I told them to calm down I just wanted a picture, and they told me pretty dolls like me should take pictures of pretty things. I wanted to tell them to back off….. but I decided that was too sassy. So I gave them a little folleto…… I do not remember that word in English…… and was on my way.

But over all it was a good week. My comp and I have been working on growing our faith. My faith is not perfect, and it wont be while I am here on the Earth. But with that knowledge I know that I can always progress. Everyday I ask my comp or she asks me, how is your faith or where is your faith. It has been pretty neat to see how much faith plays a role. Faith is everything. With my faith I have hope. With my faith I have love. With my faith I have charity. Faith is a little seed, and when we plant it and nourish it, it will give us so much more.

I hope that you all have a good week and can work on your faith. Be faithful, have hope and keep moving forward!!!! Be happy folks! I love you all and will talk to you soon!

Con Amor
Hermana Edwards


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