Week 47 from Guatemala

Well here we are at the end of Semana Santa…. this past week was deathly hot…. but we only lost power a few times so that is okay.

This past week nothing really happened. We tried to teach….. but it was everyones Spring Break so they were all at the beach…. and well we are not allowed to go to the beach….. so we were left with just the dogs and horses that we have in the street here….. that is pretty neat. But we are preparing a couple people for baptism this week so we got to have some good time with them. I guess we had one big adventure this past week we were walking in the street (like any other street) and I saw something weird on the side of the road in front of a little torilla place….. so I went to investigate….. and I found a boa constructer…. with its head cut off……. now I realize I am in Guatemala….. but really…. in my life…… but that was neat….. I guess……

This past week we also had interviews with our mission President. I love my mission President. He is getting ready to finish up his mission and it makes me a little sad but I know that my next President will be so wonderful. But this was my favorite interview that I have had. I learned so much from him and from his wife and from the assistants. I am coming up on 11 months in the mission and I am still learning every day how to be a better missionary….. maybe in 8 months I will get this missionary thing down.

But this week we have been able to spend a little bit more time in the streets. I have been in less pain. I am so grateful. I truly and so happy that I can work and that I have not been sick in 3 weeks. For 10 months I thought having diarhea everyday was normal….. but I guess it is not,… I have never felt so good in my life. That dang gallbladder – what a trouble. But I am doing so so so so good. Thanks for the prayers. I am like a new person and I know that in the ressurection I will get my gallbladder back and it will be without stones. I am grateful for the knowledge of the ressurection. What a blessing it is that we know our Savior lives. That is the whole purpose of this past week, to remember that our Savior lives and that through Him we can be perfected. I love my Savior.

Sorry if this letter is a little on the dull side, next week will be full of adventures and dead snakes I am sure of it! I love you all, stay happy and hope on!

Con Amor
Hermana Edwards


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