She is back to work!

Well my dear friends Semana Santa has finally fallen upon us (Holy Week) and it is hotter than…… well Hades. It is soooooo hot out here…. but people keep saying if you can make it through Semana Santa the rest of the weeks are cooler…… I do not know if that is true….. I will keep you updated.

This past week was a real treat. We had a quick little trip to the capital. We traveled in total 12 hours for a three minutes visit with my Guatemalan surgeon. He just looked at my little scars and said ” How white” and then sent me on my way. Well with that response I assumed that it meant that I could start working again. My comp and my zone leaders were a little hesitant but I felt up for the task. We only worked for a few hours every day. Just enough time to visit some menos activos and the people that we have dates for baptism with. But it really was a good week.

There is a family that we are working really hard with right now. THere are two girls that want to be baptized, but the grandma does not want to give permision to one of the girls because she was already baptized. This grandma is rough, as they would say here, she is a burra (female burro). She told us that she does not want to pray to know if her grand daughter should be baptized….. apostasia…… but we are working on gaining her confidence and showing her love. But through these two girls that we are trying to baptize we have found others family to teach. All of these families live very very close so we just pass from one house to the other teaching the good word. In one of these house we found, the dad has a broken leg, we committed him to coming to church and we promised to bring a taxi. So yesterday we left the house early to give Grandma Edwards some extra time to walk…. walking is still a challenge but poco a poco. And we met up with these families. Well it ends up that none of the parents were home….. man what a bummer….. but we decided to try and follow through with getting some investigadors in the chapel. And then the parents came…. so we shoved those nine people in a little taxi…… and then the grandma that is a burra she walked by and we said get in. She told us there was no space…. that is a joke…. there is always space…. so we literally puched this grandma into a taxi and then we had to run to the church because we were running a little late. We finally got to the church and found we had two more investigadors in the church….. 12 investigadors…… nunca en mi vida! But my comp and I looked likea hot mess. I do not know if you remember but it is super hot and super humid…. we were literally sweating like animals but we sat ourselves down with our primary of children and then I had to lead the music….. sweating like an animal….. we made quite the scene for our first Sunday with our ward…… but really it was something special to be able to bring a lot of people into the chapel.

Well after that mess of sweat and kids, we went to a members house to eat… and well Hermana Edwards ended up sleeping at the table. That morning just wore me out, the sweet member told me to go to sleep in one of the extra rooms she has and welp I just invited myself right into the bed and took a little nap….. it was probably the best nap of my life. After that we went to visit the converts that we have and I ended up painting her nails because she broke her leg and then I painted the nails of her dog and of her chickens and her ducks….. pretty successful nail painting party.

This past week was great. I am so grateful to work again. I love leaving the house every day to talk to every one I meet about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. What a blessing it is, truly such a grand blessing that I have. And an even greater blessing that I can do it here in Guatemala. There are some wonderful people here that have really blessed my life and made me a better person. I love Guatemala and I love being a missionary. Like always thanks for your prayers….. I need them. And I am praying for you guys as well….. maybe I do not know you but I pray for you. Know that I love you all. Keeping doing good things. Well that is all I got for this week. Have a wonderful week kiddos and keep homing on! Over and out.

Con Amor
Hermana Edwards

Ps this foto is from P day today….. we played tennis…… I did not even know that existed here in Guate!


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