Cabin Fever During Recovery

Well I am so grateful that we had conference this past week because if not….. this was literally the most boring week of my whole mission…. I will tell you why.

Last Tuesday I got my staples taken out….. I guess that is eventful……. but after that I received permission to return to my area. We got back to Santo Tomas and it is literallly a hot humid fire out there but I did not have permision to leave the house the whole week. We were able to go out for a couple of hours but that is all. I literally just sat in the house reading old conference Liahonas and sleeping. I lived like a house cat for a week………. I know please do not be jealous.

But thank heavens we had conference because I love conference. I cannot wait for the day that I can see conference again in person. It is so beautiful to be able to listen to a real living Prophet. I know Thomas Spencer Monson is a prophet, just like any Prophet from the Biblia o de El Libro de Mormon. He is a Prophet, chosen by God. And because we have a prophet we have revelation which is what confernce is. It is revelation that we need at this time in our lives. I love conference.. Something really neat happened before the session Sunday morning, on of my teachers from the MTC in Guate came out to see me. It was neat seeing my favorite teacher from the CCM and to be able to talk in Spanish with him. I love being a missionary.

Well honestly this week might have been boring but I had a lot of time to study. That was neat. I am so grateful to have this truth on the Earth today. I am so grateful that I can be better every day. I have so much hope through the gospel. I have faith and hope in my Savior and in my Heavenly Father and I know they have faith and hope in me because they know what I can become. How sweet is that. Well I hope you all know I am happy. I am so very happy. I love the gospel and I love teaching it in Spanish here in Guatemala. I love you all and hope that you had the opportunity to learn this past weekend from living Prophets on the Earth today! And if not repent and read their talks….. really do it – we are talking about salvation here. Well I love you all and thanks again for all of the prayers you are so wonderful and darling. Well peace and blessings and I will talk to you next Monday!

Con Amor
Hermana Edwards


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