Take it Out!

Well here it is – from her own mouth (keyboard). I just have to preface that she is still on some pain medication and was a little goofy. I think she must be a light weight just like her dad when it comes to pain medication. 🙂 – I asked what she said to the first set of Elders and she has no idea – that is what scares her. She did say that the doctors thought she was pretty funny (imagine that) – oh to have been a fly on the wall. I am sure she gave them all a run for their money and that is probably why she was released so quickly.:) Thank you to everyone for your concern and prayers over the past week. I will put a couple of pictures on her blog that the mission Presidents wife sent me when I get this one posted.

Date: Mon, 31 Mar 2014 14:48:12 -0600
Subject: Take it out!

Hey you cute kids up North!

Well this past week has been quite the event/adventure. For those of you who are weekly readers you know that a week ago from today I took a quick trip to the hospital where the Doc found out that I have stones in my gallbladdder. Well that man was completely inspired. He told me there were only a few so I did not need to worry about it, but the sweet spouse of my mission President called me to the capital right away to check with another doc. This last Thursday was the day, I went in at 10 in the morning, right away they hooked me up to an IV and were taking tests. We found out that my gallbladder was full of stones and was 3 times as inflamed as it should be. The doc told me I had to take it out in the next 24 hours or we would have worse problems. So from there I got to make a call home to my mother for permision to do so and her being the saint that she is gave me permision and I was on the schedule to take out my gallbladder at 6 that night. Some of the Elders from the office came in to give me a blessing and I do not even want to know what I said to them……

Well the wonderful nurses drugged me up real nice and took me into the surgery. I asked them if my comp could be with me when I woke up and they said no…..(edited)….. so I made a hissy fit and told them that is all I wanted, so they let her come in. I do not remember waking up, but my comp told me I asked her if I was still alive and where were my stones…… well atleast I know I can talk in Spanish even when I am drugged up. That night was the roughest night of my life. I had so much pain. I just kept calling the nurses in so I could have some one with me….. I think they got sick of me by the morning. The next day I got a visit from my mission President. And I got to call the mothership again to tell her all was well. But I was so sick of being in my bed I looked at my comp and said we are going for a walk. So I pulled myself out of that bed and we went for a walk…… but little was I aware that my hospital gown was more like an apron so the back was wide open and I was just taking a walk down the hall. A sweet nurse offered me another gown to cover up my backside….. I am sure my white backside was quite the sight to see.

The last few days I have been living with another companionship of Hermanas. They all have been so kind. I honestly did not think that this little surgery could put me in so much pain but I think it is because they just stapled me shut….. those (edited)….. put a staple gun to my body…… I still do not know how they are going to take them all out…. I have hope. But honestly I am doing so well. It has not been ideal, but I have a lot of people helping me out. This past Saturday we had 2 baptisms that the Elders had to take care of and all worked out fine. I know that the prayers that are being said for me are really blessing me right now. I am still recuperating but every day I am a little bit stronger and the pain is a litle bit less.

Now for something spiritual I guess. The night that they kicked me out of the hospital I was a little nervous because the night before was rough for me, but the assistants to the President of my mission passed by to see how I was doing and to give me another blessing. It was such a sweet blessing and that Elder will never know how much it impacted me. He told me to use my time of recuperation to focus more on the Atonement of the Savior. How simple but how beautiful. Yeah I hurt but the Atonement hurt worse. I honestly just want to go back to my area and work. I want to show my gratitude for all of the blessings that Savior has given me and just work as hard as I can for these last 8 months that I get to serve here in Guate.

Well folks, I sure hope that you are all doing great. I hope you haven’t had to be stapled up like me but if you did, well we are just the coolest. Thanks for your prayers, thanks a lot. I love you all!

COn AMor
your favorite missionary without her gallbladder
Hermana Edwards


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