Surgery Day Update

Hello all,

Well I just received a call from the doctor in Guatemala City and he was calling to give me an update on Alyssa. He said that she does have an acute gallbladder attack (the walls are thickening and the gallbladder is enflamed with several stones) and they feel very strongly that it needs to be removed to prevent other complications. He needed to call to get permission from Jeff and I to proceed with the surgery this afternoon.

The doctor was very kind and he was there with his wife sitting bedside with Alyssa. At the suggestion and a little pressure from his wife πŸ™‚ – he let me talk with Alyssa for minute. πŸ™‚ She sounded great and at ease with the diagnosis and surgery (better than me) although I have complete faith and confidence in her doctors. She said not to worry and that she is hoping to save the stones to send home to us as a souvenir. She was even very proud of herself because she already had the IV in her arm. I asked if she passed out and she said almost but then the doctor reminded me to breath.

Dr. Cameron is a great doctor and we know his brother and sister here in Las Vegas, she has another specialty doctor that was trained in the U.S. that is doing the surgery and a final doctor that is an internist and he is making sure that there are no complications affecting her system from the dengue fever that she is just getting over and didn’t know she had until last weekend. So, they have a strong team in place taking care of and watching over her.

The doctor anticipates that she will be in the hospital for 3 days and then stay in the capitol for a week and work in a three-some until she has her follow-up with the doctor. If all goes well, which he thinks it will because she is so strong, they will send her back to the coast. I am very grateful that they are keeping her in the city for a week to observe her and keep her close to the doctors.

The doctor did tell me that she is in incredible shape and looks strong and healthy even though she has had the underlying ailments. He told me that he has heard of the work that she is doing in her area and the fact that she is opening her 3rd new area in 9 months is incredible.

Since starting this update – I have heard from Sister Watts twice and they have scheduled the surgery for 6:00 p.m. Guatemala time today. She had sent 2 Elders to the hospital to give Alyssa a blessing and she will be going to the hospital this afternoon with Pres. Watts to see Alyssa prior to the surgery. They will send me updates later today when the surgery is complete. She also confirmed that they have received all of the tests/blood work back and there are no complications from the dengue fever and she is in fabulous shape.

So, there you have it – until later, we will wait and we are so grateful for the care that she is receiving and for Alyssa’s faith and willingness to serve Lord. I don’t think she has even had a sick day down while in the mission until Sister Watts made her rest a day. πŸ™‚

Thanks for all of you that expressed concern and kind thoughts since Monday’s e-mail.




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