New comp, New area, New case of dengue fever

Hi Friends,

One things that I have learned this week is that everyone has a purpose here in the misión. Some people are supposed to be the leaders, others the problem causers, others the problem solvers and me the opener of áreas. This past week we got the call for changes and I was told I was staying outside of the capital. I was kind of bummed because that mean I was going to áreas that I did not want to go to. But then I got the miracle call that told me I was going to open an área in Santo Tomas. Now Santo Tomas is a branch that is in the same District as Puerto Barrios (my old área). When my leaders told me this I was sooooo happy. What a blessing that I do not have to leave my Barrios family yet. And about opening this área, that is nothing. I now have about 10 months in the misión. In that 10 months I have 4 áreas. Out of those 4 áreas I have opened 3. ANd with those 4 áreas I have had 6 companions, 4 of which are from Honduras. I think I have found my purpose, work with Catrachas and open áreas.

This past week was my first week in my new área. I was so excited the first day we were just going and going and going. And in the matter of just one night I got hit with Dengue….. or in other words the bone breaking disease. Now I always questioned why it is called the bone breaking disease, I just thought people were being dramatic….. but no they arent…. it literally feels like your bones are going to break. I was hurting needless to say. But our President for our misión came out this past weekend and his wife told me I had to go to bed and today she sent me to a hospital to get checked out. Now, hospitals and doctors in the States are not my thing….. hospitals and doctors in Guate and in Spanish…. worse. But all ended up okay and that doctor found out why I have so many problems with my stomach so I guess that is a blessing……

Also this past week I recieved my new name tag. My poor name tag has been through some rough times (just like my stomach) and I had to ask for a new one. And after months of waiting I finally got it only to see that it says Elder Edwards….. I guess I have the Priesthood now….. Apostasy I know. Maybe I will get a new nametag before I finish my misión…… I don’t have too high of hopes.

This week has been a good one, I got a new comp and a new área. I have the chance to know new people. I learned that exact prayers bring exact answers. I prayed that I could find an opportunity to serve and that same day I found myself shoveling dirt for an hour. I love to pray what a blessing that is. I do love Guatemala. I love the people here a lot. They are special. I know that Christ himself visited this very land. Anyways, thanks for all of the prayers it means a lot. I know that I get a lot of the strength I have from the testimonies of you all. I hope you all have a wonderful happy week! Keep on hoping on!

Con Amor
Hermana Edwards


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