Change is coming…..

Date: Mon, 17 Mar 2014 14:32:19 -0600

Hello all you sweet people!!!

This week has been such a wonderful week, I can not help but to smile. Hermana Flores and I have worked very hard to do all that we could do and…… we have changes….. I think they are called transfers in the states. I will be changing areas but will still be out of the cap in heat that I can hardly describe. My heart hurts soooo bad to leave but I am so grateful that I can leave this area knowing that I have done some good.

This past week we had a conference with Elder Ochoa, and what an amazing conference it was. Always after those conferences we just have the desire to work a little harder, to work a little better. We were pretty darn tired after traveling for 8 hours for the conference but it was so worth it. After getting the pep talk from the our leaders we spent this week looking for people that are ready and we found 51 new investigators in one week. That is 51 people that want to listen, that want to learn. What a blessing that is.

This past week we also had a baptism. This sweet boy that I had the oportunity to teach is one of a kind. I know that every missionary says that about their baptisms….. but they don’t know me….. But this sweet boy is in the capilla 30 minutes early every Sunday to help whoever needs help. He loves to read his scriptures. And he does all of this without any support from his family. I love this boy a lot. When we were talking to his grandma and aunt about baptising him they asked me if I would be his Godmother….. well we do not really do that as Mormons…… but I was flattered nonetheless. I am so grateful to know Klevenson, He is so special to me.

But really this week was such a good week. We had a lesson in a house boat, I caught a chicken, we sang with a mariachi band, we learned more black people language, we baptized some one who is more prepared than anyone in the whole world, Elder Ochoa taught us. I am so grateful to be a missionary. I love my life, I love Guatemala, I love chickens. I love Garifunas, I love being a missionary. My heart hurts that I have to change areas, I have been here in Puerto Barrios for almost 6 months. But I have done what I need to do here and now I have the chance to learn from other wonderful people! I hope all of you have a wonderful week. Hope on kids!

Con Amor
Hermana Edwards



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