Week 41 from Puerto Barrios Guatemala

Hey ya’ll!!!!

Well I hope that you all have had just an excellent week because I certainly had one with a lot of sun. This week has been another week of high goal setting and finding another set of 20 new investigators. This whole juggling new investigators every week is kind of hard but we are getting to know a lot a lot of people. We have friends on every corner these days. Some drunk and others not. But it really has been such a blessing for us to get to know so many people.

This past week, we went out with a member to find an investigator and well he was not home so we were talking with this member when a girl came up to us and asked if we could answer some questions that she has with the Bible…… we should have known right then that she wanted to Bible Bash with us. But if some one wants to asks questions I am all over answering their questions. Well she started asking us about the name of God and she just wanted to fight our Doctrine. After we answered a few questions she just kept bickering and bickering. My comp looked at her and said do you want to fight or do you want to listen. She sat quiet for a second and then started going off again. I just bore my testimony to her and told her to have a good day. My comp left ticked and well I was not so happy either. But it was just another experience for us to learn that the Spirit will not be with us when we are fighting.

This week has really been quite the week. We went to areas that we have never been to. Fought with a Testigo de Jehova, had some threaten to dismember our bodies, got lost in who knows where, and on top of it all we found people that are ready to receive the Gospel. After months and months of praying for people who are ready we have found some one who is ready. This boys name is Cleverson and he is 12 years old and will be getting baptized this week. I am so excited to see the work moving along here. To see more and more people in the capilla on Sundays.

Sorry I have not got much to say….. that is a first……. But i hope that you all have a wonderful week. Do good work, be happy, don’t fight with people, take pictures, eat waffles, and hope on. I love you all so much and hope that you can feel my love for you!

Con Amor
Hermana Edwards



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