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Date: Mon, 3 Mar 2014 17:40:00 -0600


Hey kids – how are all of you doing? I hope super well! Well if not maybe I can give you a good smile from the happenings of this past week…. here we go.

First off, I do not have to travel in a diaper. Second I have been in Guatemala for 9 months. Third off, my District President’s cat died….,.. yeah heart breaking, I know.

But for the real news. Yesterday I had the grand opportunity to be the teacher for the primary….. what a chaotic, Spanish mess that was. I have never had so much fun. I love my primary kids a lot. I can hardly put into words my love for them. I had to teach them about Abraham and how he was almost sacrificed. How cute is that lesson. Definitely not a popcorn popping on the apricot tree sort of lesson. But it was fun. I do not know if I will ever be allowed to teach Primary again because – well we were not exactly quiet.

But my time with my primary kids got me to thinking. I know each of those children very well. I have had 5 months here. I have had more than half my mission here. I love these people very much and I am afraid that I will be leaving them in just a few weeks. It breaks my heart. This area that I am in is special. It is very hot here and so all of the people are always outside. Contacting is a lot easier here than in the capital. We do not have to knock on doors. We just have to go up and people automatically offer us seats in their hammocks or bring out chairs for us to sit in. The people are so welcoming and so loving. Of course there all those that well just dont want to be my friend but for the majority they are just a wonderful people. It is going to be hard to leave here because I have a family here.

Well today for p day we went to some ruins in Quirigua. I have been there before but it is so cool to see these ruins. Today we were walking in and this tour guide stopped us and looked at his tour group and said these are the Mormons that I was telling you about. The people were so excited and took some photos. He then spoke to us about how he has read the Book of Mormon and that he knows the Lamanites and Nephites were here…… but he is not a member. But it is true that these places that I get to see in these areas that I get ot live in used to be the homes for some of the greatest Prophets. Later I was talking with another tour guide who was impressed by the way I am am ( I do not know if that even makes sense in English…..) He told me that if my family was ever in the capital to call him and he could help us get around the capital and we could stay with his wife and kids in the capital. I just love how people are so trusting and loving here. What good people. But when we left we got on a bus to come back to Puerto Barrios. Usually it is 20 quetzales to return. And this guy told me I had to pay 25 quetzales, some how the price got raised between him talking to the Latinos and the gringos…… chiste (that means joke) I told him that I didn’t believe him and that the price is 20 and that is what I would pay. Well he accepted the offer. I sat back content that I stood up for my white self and I looked at him and realized he is a menos active from my ward……. que verguenza…….. But when I got off the bus I told him good bye and I can’t wait to see him at church on Sunday…. mala onda……. but all is well.

Well anyways this week was great despite the dead cat…… but great nonetheless. I know that I have a purpose here….. what exactly it is I do not know… but I got another 9 months to figure it out. I am grateful for the chance to serve here in Guate I love this country with all that is in me. I hope you all know I love you and I hope you all have a wonderful week. Hope on kids.

Con Amor,
Hermana Edwards


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