DO the GUate squat…. squat squat squat (to the tune of do the bunny hop)

Let me preface this post by saying that Sister Edwards has lost her filter on what to say and not say. She told me that when she comes home I will have to retrain her……. So enjoy and it is OK to giggle or laugh because she is doing the same thing.

Date: Mon, 24 Feb 2014 16:59:54 -0600

Wahoooooooo! I am here again to tell the good people of you all the happenings in the life of Hermana Edwards.

Well this week was another wonderful week in beautiful Guatemala. I love Guatemala. We had a whole lot of sun and just a Little bit of rain and I touched a dead hámster……. but that is besides the point.

Like always those little pesky stomach bugs laid eggs inside my stomach so I was hurtin a little bit this week…… but I could not stay home because our leaders put the goal of 20 new investigators on us….. and well I run a Little bit competitive so I had to find more than 20 so laying on the bathroom floor was not an option. We went out and visited a member to leave with us and when she saw me she said “mija you look a Little Green” and I said thanks. She then decided to take me to some witch doctor to help cure me. I really love the people here they always just want to make us feel good but there is a reason why I do not have visits with witch doctors. And I will tell you now my experience. So we go to this womans house who lives right on the ocean and she looks at me and feels my arm and tells me I have holes but she has a cure. The woman laid me right down on her bed and starting brewing up some sort of beverage for me to drink. She walked over and said drink it quick and don’t throw up. I looked at my comp and she looked a Little White (and she is Brown). Needless to say I was a little nervous. So I drank that drink as quick as a tiger kills a baby gazelle (fast). As we were walking home my stomach just hurt so bad ( I personally blame the witch doctor) and then it hit like a ton of bricks. I looked at my comp and said we need to get to the house quick…. I am going to lose it. So we jumped on a bus and got home and well I could not leave the bathroom. And honestly that is not too bad, the bad part was we had our zone leaders coming along with a senior couple in our misión to inspect our apartment and well Hermana Edwards was stuck in the bathroom…… that is cute. The next day we had to travel an hour out to a meeting with our zone and Hermana Edwards had to diaper it up…… not kidding. That is when I decided to call the nurse and she just laughed when I told her what was going on. But don’t worry good people I am all cleaned up and without a diaper and with 23 new investigators….. stomach bugs ain’t got nothin’ on me.

From a dead hámster to days in the bathroom our week was still not done. Saturday we had plans for a baptism and I was so excited. We had been working with this girl for quite awhile now. Saturday we were set and ready to go and she did not show up…….. My heart broke and my comp was ticked. We called and called and called and por fin some one answered. Her grandma told us that she could not be baptized that day……. well thanks for the heads up. Needless to say we were pretty bummed. So we left the capilla just a little sad. When we were walking in the streets we ran into one of my favorite people that is not a member. This man has throat cáncer so he cannot talk very well. But he always has his box of cigarrettes and his bottle of whiskey. When he saw me he had a huge smile on his old wrinkled face. I looked at him and said “Grandpa no more smoking or drinking you are going to die” and he said I know I know. He then told me he looks forward to seeing me in the street because when he sees me he feels something different, he feels happy. I think it is because I am the only person that has taken alcohol out of his hands, but that is besides the point. Honestly seeing this man was just a little bit of hope and it got me thinking.

This man who smokes and who drinks was that little bit of hope I needed on Saturday to remind me of my purpose. I feel at times we hear all of the stories of how other people feel hope and we expect to get those same messages and if we do not receive them we think we are doing something wrong. But kids that is not how it Works. I received a sweet message from and old man in the Street the smelled of tobacco. I know that you all are receiving messages too, every day, but maybe they are not in the way that you were expecting them. From the almost 9 months that I have had here in Guate I have learned a Little more to look for those messages. I think after living a good amount of time with people that are so humble it is easier for me to see all that is good in the world because there is a lot. Sometimes dead hamsters come our way or days on the toilet, but that will never ever define us and we do not have to dwell on that. We just have to look for good. We need to hope on and journey on and everything will be fine. Well that is really all that I got. I hope you all have a fabulous week! I love you all!

Con amor
Hermana Edwards


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