Week 38 from Puerto Barrios, Guatemala

Si pues patojos estoy aqui como siempre.

This week has probably been one of the best weeks of my mission…… and I
did not even get to go to the capital….. mira pues. My cute comp and I
are working our tails off. In one week we have hit the record for our
area of lessons taught and also of new investigators…… We really have
been so blessed. We definitely are working hard but at the same time I
have never had sooo much fun.

Remember last week how I told you we are going to learn Garifuna….. yeah
that is happening…… real slow….. but it is happening nonetheless.
We have been studying from this Bible that some one gave to me. We spent
hours contacting every black perosn in the street and with much work comes much reward….. I am the proud owner of a free Bible in Garifuna! WAHOO It is definitely a lot harder than Spanish to read but that is okay. My
phrase for the week is “Bungu wama” which means “God is with us”. So thats a start.

This past week we also spent some time contacting the menos activos and a
good portion of them were in the capilla yesterday. What a blessing that
is. Out were I am right now we have a boatload of menos activos. It is
kind of sad because at one point these people had the testimony to be
baptized and make these covenants with God….. but for some reason or
another they lose their sight on what is important. I have this one
member who was inactiva before I came and after working with her for sometime she is at the capilla almost every Sunday but she has a son that is a member but has lost his sight. I was talking with her and she is so sad
that her son is fallen, but I know that he will come back as long as she is
faithful. I believe strongly in the promises of the Prophets and they have
given us promises that if we are faithful we will not be lost and neither
will our family.

Well now that we have had our spiritual message of the day……. amen and
amen. But really this week has been fun. We have spent some time with the ocean and some time with friendly cats in the street and some time with
black people and some time with drunks. Basically we have spent a lot of
time out here in Puerto Barrios but I am grateful for that time spent
because we have done some good work. Anyways I hope that you all can spend some good time this week doing good things. Feel free to have some fun, talk with black people, learn Garifuna, make friends with the animals in
the streets and do good. Well that is the weekly message from Hermana
Edwards, over and out kids.
Con Amor
Hermana Edwards


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