Week 37 from Puerto Barrios, Guatemala

Hello world I am here again with the news from Guate!!! YIPPE

Well this past week we had a quick trip to the capital. We left Tuesday, and we were supposed to come back on Wednesday but as Guate would have it there was a big protest with the bus drivers so we hung out in the capital for one more night. But I had to say good bye to my Hermana Zuniga. I have been with that woman for 4 months, 4 MONTHS that is a long time. But do not even fret I got a new comp and she is from……. espere…… HONDURAS! Yeah otra Catracha. And man do I love this girl. We have the same time in the mission and we just have a jolly good time together.

Hermana Flores (my new comp) aka Sister Flowers and I have been serving in our area for just a few days together and they have probably been the funnest days in my mission. We work very hard and very diligently and very obediently and we smile and laugh. In the area that I am at right now we have a lot of black people that live here and they speak a different language and they dance punta. SO – yesterday we sent the whole day trying to contact every black person we know to try and teach us their language…… but we found out the Book of Mormon is not in Garifuna….., que mala onda…… but we will convert some of them I just know it. Yesterday amongst the hours of trying to learn Garifuna we spent hours walking up and down this street and every time we saw some one carrying anything we just picked up their load and carried it to their house. It was a really fun fun fun day.

Hermana Flores and I only have days together but we did hit a bump…. she got pick pocketed…… What in the world were they thinking…. they pick pocketed the Latina before the white person, maybe it was my Tinkerbell packback that made them change their mind…… Yeah she got her wallet and her money and her debit card and the copy of her passport stolen…… chambonas….. But all is well because we saw a bus of gringos and they took pictures of us….. we are famous with the old people here. But all around this week has been good.

Now I will share some little thoughts that I have been thinking of lately. Last week my dad told me to “grow where you are planted”. Well I wanted to tell that man that I choose where I am planted and then I will grow….. but it really does not work that way. Over a year ago when I turned in my mission papers I knew I was going to Austria…. I was choosing where I wanted to be planted…. but update I am living in Guatemala…. that is definitely not Austria. But honestly I would not have been planted anywhere else. The Gardner knows exactly what He is doing and He has a purpose as to where He puts His seeds. Sometimes we might run into big scary bugs or our roots might get tangled, but the Gardner knows.

So I guess here is when I am supposed to invite you guys to action. Clearly I do not know what is going on in your lives….. heck I do not even know what is going on in my own familys life, but I do know that we can grow where we are planted. Whatever is going on take this opportunity to grow. Know that I love you all and I love Guate a lot too. And I love my comp and I love rice and beans. I also love black people that speak Garifuna. And I love the ocean and the sun. Welp I hope you all have a wonderful growing week of goodness! I will talk to you all later!!!

Con Amor
Hermana Edwards



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