Mattress in Prison

Hello again, here we are to chat about the going ons in the life of Hermana Edwards

Well this week has been good. This past week was the last week my compa had in the misión…… isn’t that nuts…. people finish misions……

But first things first! Yesterday was Ground Hog day!!!! Yeah they do not celebrate that here….. but also it was my sister Ari’s birthday!!!! YAY FOR BIRTHDAYS!!!!!!!!!

Now lets get down to business. This past week I have spent some good time looking for investigators. We were walking in the street and walked past a man shoveling rocks. When I walked past him – something in my head said turn back and help him. So I asked him if I could help and he looked at me and said “a white person wants to shovel my rocks” (of course it was in Spanish) and I said, yes sir. And he passed my his shovel and I started. The man went inside and then came out with his boss. And his boss said “a White person is shoveling my rocks” I guess it was quite the site. But through that hour of shoveling rocks I found a new family to teach….. it was worth it.

But the day did not end there….

That day I felt as if I had the Liahona in my hands because things were just working out. Until I almost got hit by a car. Man I was ticked….. but I continued to walk and the man in the car yelled “Hermanas” so we turned back. He then asked if we knew where we could buy a cot. Mind you it is 7 at night so all of the stores are closed. We said no and he looked so sad. I asked him why he needed it and he said well me and my comp are looking for a bed because the representative for institute and seminary of Central America is in Prison…… yeah take that one in. I then asked who was his comp and then he replied one of the área seventies. And then I offered my bed, I just cannot imagine this member from Honduras that is sleeping on the prison floor. So my bed spent a few nights in prison….. I guess that is pretty neat…… or weird……. But I helped some people out so that is good, right dad?

Well this week I will be saying bye to my comp. She will be heading out to Honduras. But I will be recieving a new one. I am soooooooooooooo excited! I can hardly wait. There is a lot of potential in my área and I can see a little bit of what the Lord has planned. Anyways, things are good. I have my bed back, I am getting a new comp, and the Church is still true, what more can you ask for? Anyways I love you all and hope your beds dont have to spend the night in prison! Have a good one folks and talk to you later! CHAUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!!!!!!

Con Amor
Hermana Edwards


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