Another Good Week with Familiar Faces

OKay first things first! Today is my sister Karlees birthday!!!!! AHHHHHH I AM SO EXCITED FOR HER!!!!! I LOVE HER A TON!!!! and soon is Ari’s birthday, but we will celebrate that in next weeks letter. Karlee I hope that you had a wonderful day I love you baby girl!

Now on to the happenings of the week. For the past few weeks I have been talking about a trip to the capital but not just any trip to the capital, a trip where I would get to meet Elder Cook in the capital….. kind of a big deal….. This trip was a trip that we went without sleep for days, but it was soooo worth it. Last Tuesday we had a conference for just our mission. This is the first time that our whole mission was together. Needless to say it was wonderful and in Spanish. Then on Wednesday three missions that are in Guatemala gathered together and we were graced by the presence of the Area Presidency and also Elder Cook. It was absolutely wonderful. I cried and cried and danced and made Elder Cook laugh….. well a tleast I am good for something. It really was a great experience….. better than Disneyland…. I also got to see all of my dear friends from the mission and old comps and friends from other missions like Elder Earl, so that just made everything even better. But the week had just started with that.

We than had to leave the wonderful capital and go back to our areas. Here we were absolutely exhausted from traveling and what not. But we had to finish planning our activity that happened on Saturday. Now this activity was BIG, very big and only my comp and I were working on it. We did a Plan of Salvation activity where we decorated all of the rooms in the capilla as different parts of the Plan of Salvation. It took hours and hours but ended up looking dang good for being Guatified. We took groups of people on tours through the capilla, teaching them the different parts of the plan. When we got into the Celestial Kingdom – it was all white and we had a cute family all in white. The husband and wife took turns talking and it was powerful we all just sat there and cried. It truly is amazing how the spirit can teach and testify.

Well this week was tiring but very powerful. This next week is my comps last week in the mission….. I did not even know people finish missions, hahaha but I will be killing her off. It has been quite the four months with her, but I have learned a lot and I am grateful for her. I cannot wait to see who my new comp is next week! YEAH! NEW COMPS!!! But what a week it was! Also I caught a chicken today……. Well the church is true kids and God loves us, He loves us a whole lot. I hope you all have a great week and peace and blessings ya’ll!

Con Amor
Hermana Edwards


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