morenos en la calle and other Guate things

Well first things first, after a lot of meds and even more pedialyte all of the bugs are all cleared out! WAHOO!!!! Man was I worried that wasn’t going to get solved but don’t you fret we are sitting fine and happy these days.

Now onto other news. This past week we had interviews with our cute President and his Darling wife, I absolutely love these people and am so grateful for them and all that they do. I can hardly imagine trying to take care of missionaries in Guate….. but some how they manage and they manage perfectly. I definitely learned a lot in just the Little bit of time that I got to have with them and now it is time to apply….. that is the hard part….. but all is well.

This week really was not all that exciting….. we walked a lot….. contacted a lot of people in the Street…… I gave all of my students in my English class a Book of Mormon in English and that was pretty neat. Considering more than half of them are not members I now have a handful of people that are Reading the Book of Mormon….. I mean of course they do not understand…… but at least they are Reading. I feel like that happens a lot. Sometimes we are giving things by the Big Guy upstairs and we do not understand and sometimes it is soooo soooo sooooo hard but we do it anyways out of obedience and respect. So my cute little students may not understand what “And I Nephi being born of goodly parents” means but at least they are reading.

Well this upcoming week there is some pretty exciting things happening. First off, tomorrow me and the missionaries out here are leaving rather early in the morning and we are going to the cap where we will be having a conference with our whole misión. This has never happened before. Then on Wednesday we will be having a multi misión conference where Elder Quintin Cook will be speaking. Basically I am so pumped. First, I get to go to the cap…. I have not been to the cap in 4 months….. I miss it a lot. And second, I get to attend some pretty neat conferences with some pretty neat people. Wow I am just so lucky. I mean it will all be in Spanish ….. but at least I am speaking that beautiful language more these days!

Anyways, I hope all of you are doing great and do not have bugs or fleas but if you do flea collars are a charm and pedialyte grape flavor is the best. Know that I adore you all especially you mom and hope that you have a fabulous week. Well talk to you patojos later! Hasta luego!

Con Amor
Hermana Edwards


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