Weird Week and Other Spanish Things (Week 33???)

Well my dear friends here we are again! Another week is starting! This past week has been full of some crazy adventures and some good times.

Let us start at Monday. So we had a wonderul P day last week and then I came and wrote all of you but that was not the end of that pday. That night the other sisters here gave me a phone number and said some Elders were looking for me. SO I called them and was more than suprised who answered. The phone call went something like this…. and it started in Spanish…. I started by saying hello, I got this number from other missionaries and was told to call it, who am I talking to? I then got the reply of Elder Earl (now some of you might recognize this name) and then this Elder asked who he was talking to. I then said Hermana Edwards. The phone got quiet and then I Heard Oh my gosh I do not believe it. He then said I am so sorry I can not talk to you and I said no I cannot talk to you. But then I asked why they needed me and it was just a mix up in misión phone numbers. We said adiós and that was that. I talked for two minutes with some one that I adore Elder Conner Earl. It was just a treat I have talked to him almost as much as his own family has. But I will be seeing him next week because Elder Cook is coming and doing a conference for the missionaries down here so I will see that kiddo.

Also this week I started my English class which brought a lot of potential investigators into the chapel. It was so cool, but with that I also started with a sickness. We had some funky horchata a few nights ago and after that I just felt sick. But that sickness escalated very quickly. I have spent the last 3 days in the bathroom…. well actually many different bathrooms. I thought it was just a bad horchata but it turned out to be bugs in my stomach…… again…… well shoot. But I am on medicine now and pedialite….. que rico! But all the bugs should get killed in 3 days so only pedialite for 3 more days.

But this week has been a good week to find new investigators. We have been working more closely with the leaders of the church and it really is amazing how much more effective that is. I am so grateful for the time that they give us because I am sure it is on the top of there list to go out at night and walk for miles and miles to get doors shut on us, people Yell at us, drunks follow us, but they do it anyway because they love God and know that missionary work is not only for missionaries, but more importantly it is a saving work. A work that we can help save others and their families. For those of you reading this that are helping the missionaries in your wards thank you so so sooooo much. I love being a missionary!!!! It is the best!!!! and I love you all even more!!!!!

Con Amor
Hermana Edwards


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