The End to Kwansa and Hitch Hiking


Yay I am so glad that I have another chance to write to you all again!
WAHOO! WOw here we are in 2014 now….. isn’t that nuts!!! I am very
grateful because 14 is an even number and I do not really like odd numbers
so this year has to be good….. at least I am praying for that.

Well with the New Year came a lot of drunks and came a lot more food. oh
side thought with the new year came an end to Kwansa so Happy Kwansa to all
of you Kwansaonians…… I made that word up…… But the drunks have
been a real treat, let me tell you. I think that we have all had a lovely
run in with a drunk but usually it is in our native tongue but this past
week I had a real good one. Mira pues, I am talking with a member and her
son and this man that has had a little too much to drink comes up and asks
us if we are Testigos de Jehova….. and we respond, no but we are Mormons!
He continues to tell me that he is a member. He then tells me that he
wants to take me to his house for his wife. I tell him he had a little too
much alcohol and that he would not remember this in the morning. He takes
me by the shoulders and tries to kiss me and I said sorry I do not do that.
He then takes me hand and tries to pull me towards his house. Mind you he
is a little tipsy so we are not going anywhere. I do not move a step so he
kisses my hand. Well jokes on him he does not even want to know how many
other drunks and animals of the streets have kissed that hand. He
continues to tell me that he has a house and money and that he could get
any woman he wants. I tell him no and that he needs to go home. He then
gets down on one knee in the middle of the street and starts proposing to
me…… yeah that does not fly. I tell him good bye and try to leave. He
grabs me again and tries to pull me to his house when he realizes i will
not move he tried to kiss me again. Sorry but he just wasnt my type. My
sweet member pulled me to her side and said to get away fast and she would
distract him so he would not follow me and you better believe I got out of
that quick.

Well that was a lovely experience to top off this week. This week was a
little rough. One of our investigators that has been coming to church and
so excited about baptism took a turn for the worst last week and was in the
hospital. Well just this past week she came home and we went by. She
started to cry and told us that she could not receive us anymore because of
her family. It broke my heart. I cannot quite express that feeling and I
am sure some of you return missionaries understand. This woman wants to
receive the message that we have and was so diligent about it only to be
forced to turn it away. It hurts. I know that God has a plan and I know
that He will never ever leave us to try and get through this life alone. I
have a lot of faith and hope that things will work out. We do not always
get to see the fruits of our labors but Christ didnt either. This whole
salvation thing and eternal life thing are not easy but in reality what
Christ did for us was a whole lot harder. Whenever I think of that it
makes me want to work a little bit harder because truly I know this is not
easy but from the little time I have doing it I have seen some very
beautiful things. I am grateful for my Savior and for the example he set.
I hope that when we are all going through difficult things we can remember
just a little bit more of our Savior and not so much on the trial that we
are in. If we focus only on the burden we will never see how much stronger
our backs have become from it. Amen Amen. I hope you know that I love you
all, I may not know who is reading this but I know I love you! I hope that
you have another fabulous week. Hasta la vista bebe!

Con Amor
Hermana Edwards


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