Week 31

Hello Fabulous People!

Well Christmas has come and gone and honestly I would not have known because everyone is still giving us old tamales and shooting off Fireworks…. but the older the pig leg the better right….. saber.

Anyways this Christmas week was real special. We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas day going from members house to members house eating more food and bones then I would like and really having such a good time. It really was such a sweet Christmas and I am so grateful that I could spend one of them here in Guatemala. Also like any other missionary I got to talk with my family and oh my heavens that was seriously the best Christmas present that I could have ever gotten. I love those kiddos so so sooo much, they make me laugh and cry and cry some more. It was better than going to Disneyland seriously. It was such a sweet experience to see them with and without eyebrows (shout out to you dad). Families are definitely something so special and I cannot wait to talk to them again in May…. not to far off.

This past week we were preparing for a baptism to happen this Wednesday and just as Guate healthcare would happen our sweet investigator took a turn for the worst and is dying…… without being baptized……. but I have a lot of faith that miracles will happen and that our sweet Aida will be back soon. But it is kind of rough but nonetheless The Big Man is in charge and He has got a plan.

Now here is our funny story for the week… TAH DAH! So last night we were coming home just like every other night. We were walking up to the gate outside of Tower of Terror when this man comes out of the bushes and starts coming towards my with his arms open saying mi amor mi amor, veni…… I wish I could say that it did not phase me but I got scared and I started running down the Street, it did not even phase me that my comp was not with me, I was out of there. My comp starts yelling at me to enter into our gate and I just flew, just about as fast when that llama chased me. My comp thought it was the funniest thing that she has ever seen, but now it is pretty funny too. Just the usual Guate drunk in the road.

Well this week will bring even more adventures with drunks and Fireworks seeing that it is a new year, isn’t that nuts, 2013 is done and over and we can welcome in 2014. I am so excited to start a new year with new goals. I hope that we can all take a momento to think back on our 2013 on the things we have done and maybe the things that we want to improve on. Time is defintitely flying this White kid in Guate (that is me) will be home before this year is through! I love you all and hope that you start off the new year great! Peace and Blessings

Con Amor
Hermana Edwards

PS this is a picture on one of our many meals of Christmas Day Buen Porvecho


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