Catch of the Day & Good Friend From School




Another Good Week with Familiar Faces

OKay first things first! Today is my sister Karlees birthday!!!!! AHHHHHH I AM SO EXCITED FOR HER!!!!! I LOVE HER A TON!!!! and soon is Ari’s birthday, but we will celebrate that in next weeks letter. Karlee I hope that you had a wonderful day I love you baby girl!

Now on to the happenings of the week. For the past few weeks I have been talking about a trip to the capital but not just any trip to the capital, a trip where I would get to meet Elder Cook in the capital….. kind of a big deal….. This trip was a trip that we went without sleep for days, but it was soooo worth it. Last Tuesday we had a conference for just our mission. This is the first time that our whole mission was together. Needless to say it was wonderful and in Spanish. Then on Wednesday three missions that are in Guatemala gathered together and we were graced by the presence of the Area Presidency and also Elder Cook. It was absolutely wonderful. I cried and cried and danced and made Elder Cook laugh….. well a tleast I am good for something. It really was a great experience….. better than Disneyland…. I also got to see all of my dear friends from the mission and old comps and friends from other missions like Elder Earl, so that just made everything even better. But the week had just started with that.

We than had to leave the wonderful capital and go back to our areas. Here we were absolutely exhausted from traveling and what not. But we had to finish planning our activity that happened on Saturday. Now this activity was BIG, very big and only my comp and I were working on it. We did a Plan of Salvation activity where we decorated all of the rooms in the capilla as different parts of the Plan of Salvation. It took hours and hours but ended up looking dang good for being Guatified. We took groups of people on tours through the capilla, teaching them the different parts of the plan. When we got into the Celestial Kingdom – it was all white and we had a cute family all in white. The husband and wife took turns talking and it was powerful we all just sat there and cried. It truly is amazing how the spirit can teach and testify.

Well this week was tiring but very powerful. This next week is my comps last week in the mission….. I did not even know people finish missions, hahaha but I will be killing her off. It has been quite the four months with her, but I have learned a lot and I am grateful for her. I cannot wait to see who my new comp is next week! YEAH! NEW COMPS!!! But what a week it was! Also I caught a chicken today……. Well the church is true kids and God loves us, He loves us a whole lot. I hope you all have a great week and peace and blessings ya’ll!

Con Amor
Hermana Edwards

morenos en la calle and other Guate things

Well first things first, after a lot of meds and even more pedialyte all of the bugs are all cleared out! WAHOO!!!! Man was I worried that wasn’t going to get solved but don’t you fret we are sitting fine and happy these days.

Now onto other news. This past week we had interviews with our cute President and his Darling wife, I absolutely love these people and am so grateful for them and all that they do. I can hardly imagine trying to take care of missionaries in Guate….. but some how they manage and they manage perfectly. I definitely learned a lot in just the Little bit of time that I got to have with them and now it is time to apply….. that is the hard part….. but all is well.

This week really was not all that exciting….. we walked a lot….. contacted a lot of people in the Street…… I gave all of my students in my English class a Book of Mormon in English and that was pretty neat. Considering more than half of them are not members I now have a handful of people that are Reading the Book of Mormon….. I mean of course they do not understand…… but at least they are Reading. I feel like that happens a lot. Sometimes we are giving things by the Big Guy upstairs and we do not understand and sometimes it is soooo soooo sooooo hard but we do it anyways out of obedience and respect. So my cute little students may not understand what “And I Nephi being born of goodly parents” means but at least they are reading.

Well this upcoming week there is some pretty exciting things happening. First off, tomorrow me and the missionaries out here are leaving rather early in the morning and we are going to the cap where we will be having a conference with our whole misión. This has never happened before. Then on Wednesday we will be having a multi misión conference where Elder Quintin Cook will be speaking. Basically I am so pumped. First, I get to go to the cap…. I have not been to the cap in 4 months….. I miss it a lot. And second, I get to attend some pretty neat conferences with some pretty neat people. Wow I am just so lucky. I mean it will all be in Spanish ….. but at least I am speaking that beautiful language more these days!

Anyways, I hope all of you are doing great and do not have bugs or fleas but if you do flea collars are a charm and pedialyte grape flavor is the best. Know that I adore you all especially you mom and hope that you have a fabulous week. Well talk to you patojos later! Hasta luego!

Con Amor
Hermana Edwards

Weird Week and Other Spanish Things (Week 33???)

Well my dear friends here we are again! Another week is starting! This past week has been full of some crazy adventures and some good times.

Let us start at Monday. So we had a wonderul P day last week and then I came and wrote all of you but that was not the end of that pday. That night the other sisters here gave me a phone number and said some Elders were looking for me. SO I called them and was more than suprised who answered. The phone call went something like this…. and it started in Spanish…. I started by saying hello, I got this number from other missionaries and was told to call it, who am I talking to? I then got the reply of Elder Earl (now some of you might recognize this name) and then this Elder asked who he was talking to. I then said Hermana Edwards. The phone got quiet and then I Heard Oh my gosh I do not believe it. He then said I am so sorry I can not talk to you and I said no I cannot talk to you. But then I asked why they needed me and it was just a mix up in misión phone numbers. We said adiós and that was that. I talked for two minutes with some one that I adore Elder Conner Earl. It was just a treat I have talked to him almost as much as his own family has. But I will be seeing him next week because Elder Cook is coming and doing a conference for the missionaries down here so I will see that kiddo.

Also this week I started my English class which brought a lot of potential investigators into the chapel. It was so cool, but with that I also started with a sickness. We had some funky horchata a few nights ago and after that I just felt sick. But that sickness escalated very quickly. I have spent the last 3 days in the bathroom…. well actually many different bathrooms. I thought it was just a bad horchata but it turned out to be bugs in my stomach…… again…… well shoot. But I am on medicine now and pedialite….. que rico! But all the bugs should get killed in 3 days so only pedialite for 3 more days.

But this week has been a good week to find new investigators. We have been working more closely with the leaders of the church and it really is amazing how much more effective that is. I am so grateful for the time that they give us because I am sure it is on the top of there list to go out at night and walk for miles and miles to get doors shut on us, people Yell at us, drunks follow us, but they do it anyway because they love God and know that missionary work is not only for missionaries, but more importantly it is a saving work. A work that we can help save others and their families. For those of you reading this that are helping the missionaries in your wards thank you so so sooooo much. I love being a missionary!!!! It is the best!!!! and I love you all even more!!!!!

Con Amor
Hermana Edwards

The End to Kwansa and Hitch Hiking


Yay I am so glad that I have another chance to write to you all again!
WAHOO! WOw here we are in 2014 now….. isn’t that nuts!!! I am very
grateful because 14 is an even number and I do not really like odd numbers
so this year has to be good….. at least I am praying for that.

Well with the New Year came a lot of drunks and came a lot more food. oh
side thought with the new year came an end to Kwansa so Happy Kwansa to all
of you Kwansaonians…… I made that word up…… But the drunks have
been a real treat, let me tell you. I think that we have all had a lovely
run in with a drunk but usually it is in our native tongue but this past
week I had a real good one. Mira pues, I am talking with a member and her
son and this man that has had a little too much to drink comes up and asks
us if we are Testigos de Jehova….. and we respond, no but we are Mormons!
He continues to tell me that he is a member. He then tells me that he
wants to take me to his house for his wife. I tell him he had a little too
much alcohol and that he would not remember this in the morning. He takes
me by the shoulders and tries to kiss me and I said sorry I do not do that.
He then takes me hand and tries to pull me towards his house. Mind you he
is a little tipsy so we are not going anywhere. I do not move a step so he
kisses my hand. Well jokes on him he does not even want to know how many
other drunks and animals of the streets have kissed that hand. He
continues to tell me that he has a house and money and that he could get
any woman he wants. I tell him no and that he needs to go home. He then
gets down on one knee in the middle of the street and starts proposing to
me…… yeah that does not fly. I tell him good bye and try to leave. He
grabs me again and tries to pull me to his house when he realizes i will
not move he tried to kiss me again. Sorry but he just wasnt my type. My
sweet member pulled me to her side and said to get away fast and she would
distract him so he would not follow me and you better believe I got out of
that quick.

Well that was a lovely experience to top off this week. This week was a
little rough. One of our investigators that has been coming to church and
so excited about baptism took a turn for the worst last week and was in the
hospital. Well just this past week she came home and we went by. She
started to cry and told us that she could not receive us anymore because of
her family. It broke my heart. I cannot quite express that feeling and I
am sure some of you return missionaries understand. This woman wants to
receive the message that we have and was so diligent about it only to be
forced to turn it away. It hurts. I know that God has a plan and I know
that He will never ever leave us to try and get through this life alone. I
have a lot of faith and hope that things will work out. We do not always
get to see the fruits of our labors but Christ didnt either. This whole
salvation thing and eternal life thing are not easy but in reality what
Christ did for us was a whole lot harder. Whenever I think of that it
makes me want to work a little bit harder because truly I know this is not
easy but from the little time I have doing it I have seen some very
beautiful things. I am grateful for my Savior and for the example he set.
I hope that when we are all going through difficult things we can remember
just a little bit more of our Savior and not so much on the trial that we
are in. If we focus only on the burden we will never see how much stronger
our backs have become from it. Amen Amen. I hope you know that I love you
all, I may not know who is reading this but I know I love you! I hope that
you have another fabulous week. Hasta la vista bebe!

Con Amor
Hermana Edwards

Week 31

Hello Fabulous People!

Well Christmas has come and gone and honestly I would not have known because everyone is still giving us old tamales and shooting off Fireworks…. but the older the pig leg the better right….. saber.

Anyways this Christmas week was real special. We spent Christmas Eve and Christmas day going from members house to members house eating more food and bones then I would like and really having such a good time. It really was such a sweet Christmas and I am so grateful that I could spend one of them here in Guatemala. Also like any other missionary I got to talk with my family and oh my heavens that was seriously the best Christmas present that I could have ever gotten. I love those kiddos so so sooo much, they make me laugh and cry and cry some more. It was better than going to Disneyland seriously. It was such a sweet experience to see them with and without eyebrows (shout out to you dad). Families are definitely something so special and I cannot wait to talk to them again in May…. not to far off.

This past week we were preparing for a baptism to happen this Wednesday and just as Guate healthcare would happen our sweet investigator took a turn for the worst and is dying…… without being baptized……. but I have a lot of faith that miracles will happen and that our sweet Aida will be back soon. But it is kind of rough but nonetheless The Big Man is in charge and He has got a plan.

Now here is our funny story for the week… TAH DAH! So last night we were coming home just like every other night. We were walking up to the gate outside of Tower of Terror when this man comes out of the bushes and starts coming towards my with his arms open saying mi amor mi amor, veni…… I wish I could say that it did not phase me but I got scared and I started running down the Street, it did not even phase me that my comp was not with me, I was out of there. My comp starts yelling at me to enter into our gate and I just flew, just about as fast when that llama chased me. My comp thought it was the funniest thing that she has ever seen, but now it is pretty funny too. Just the usual Guate drunk in the road.

Well this week will bring even more adventures with drunks and Fireworks seeing that it is a new year, isn’t that nuts, 2013 is done and over and we can welcome in 2014. I am so excited to start a new year with new goals. I hope that we can all take a momento to think back on our 2013 on the things we have done and maybe the things that we want to improve on. Time is defintitely flying this White kid in Guate (that is me) will be home before this year is through! I love you all and hope that you start off the new year great! Peace and Blessings

Con Amor
Hermana Edwards

PS this is a picture on one of our many meals of Christmas Day Buen Porvecho