Feliz Navidad!

Well here we are again on this beautiful CHristmas week.

This week has been such a blessing seriously. It definitely has not felt like Christmas in the states but we have gotten to do some pretty cool things.

First off the tamale festivities are on a roll. I love tamales and I hope that you all take yourselves to Cafe Rio and buy one of those and have a little piece of Guatemalan Navidad. I guarantee you they will not be as good but take one for the team, in the name of Christmas spirit.

Also last week we had a zone conference….. but we are kind of the orphans of the mission so they put us with another zone…. but that is okay. We got to travel to another place in Guate. We were up at 3 in the morning to get on a bus and take a 5 hour bus ride through a flood. It was fun nonetheless and I just talked with my homies on the bus. This zone conference was pretty special, we first went to an old folks home and hung out with them. I thought old people were fun in the states….. they are definitely better in Spanish. After that we had a lovely lunch and watched that new movie about planes by Disney. We had a short meeting and then we got CHristmas presents and part of the Christmas present came from some of my sweet family. I was not expecting it and when I read the little note that said who it was from I just cried. A lot of these misioneros are not going to get anything from their families for Christmas so to have some one thinking about them is really just special.

The rest of the week was normal but we did have our CHristmas activity on Saturday. There was 130 people there. That is crazy considering it is so difficult to get 80 people in the church on Sunday. It was so much fun. The other gringa and I played a duet on recorders….. yeah I am learning to play the recorder….. it was pretty impressive. The next day in church was fun too. Our President of our rama spoke and in the middle of his talk he had everyone stand up and give each other hugs. That went on for a good 5 minutes. When he wanted to finish his talk he could not because no one wanted to sit down again. Only in Guate my friends…. only in GUate.

Now my favorite part of the week happened today just hours ago. We had the opportunity to go to an orphanage and bring presents for the sweet kids that are there. We were waiting in front of the main part of this orphanage and this little girl walked straight up to me and just hugged me and did not saya word, she just hugged me. And from her it grew to more and more little girls that were hugging me and twirling and dancing with me. But that first one melted my heart. We gave all the kids their presents and we played with them. After an hour or so we had to get going because it was time for them to have lunch. I stood up after having these little kids tackle me and this one little girl looked at me and asked me not to go because she did not want to lose a friend….. you know I got teary eyed… puh-lease. I went in to get my things and the little girl climbed on my back and said I am leaving with you and I wanted to take her so bad and bring her to my house and teach her English and then take her to the states with me….. but my mom told me a could not….. It really was such a sweet experience. I love those sweet children and they were so grateful for the gifts. I know some of you reading this sent some of the gifts and I want to thank you, thank you so much, it means a lot to this gringa and those sweet children.

Honestly this Christmas has been a lot different, it has been so blazing hot for one thing and has been in Spanish, but I am so grateful for this experience. Honestly you can learn a lot about the true spirit of CHristmas when you are living with people that have nothing. I have never been surrounded by such wonderful people. I am grateful for them, I am grateful to be a missionary and to give just a little bit of what I have for my Savior that gave me everything. I hope that you all have had such a wonderful Christmas season and I know that this week will be even more wonderful when you all are with your families. What a blessing that is. I want to wish you all a Merry Christmas or in other words Feliz Navidad. I love you all so much and hope that you can all remember the life of our sweet Savior at this time! FELIZ NAVIDAD and happy tamale eating!

Con Amor


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