Week 29 – primary program and other fun things

Hello everybody!!!!

Well another adventurous week is done. Man that one flew by….. how nuts. But it was such a good week let me tell you a little bit of what happened.

First off last week started off great when we went to the ruins again and played futbol Americano (that is soccer Americanized) at the cite of the ruins. Now if you start a week off like that it cannot be bad right?

Well this week there was transfers and I did not get moved because I am going to finish off my comp right now next Febrero so we were not expecting anything. But our Zone did get another set of Sisters and they stayed at our house for a few days. Now when I say house I mean the smallest apartment ever. 4 girls in one apartment hot mess but so much fun. Anyways we sent them off to their area on Saturday. But it was fun having some more Sisters for a little bit.

Also this past weekend I got to do some missionary work solo…. well kind of. My comp hit her knee on something some day during this past week and she thinks she is dying so I told her on Saturday that if she didn’t want to work I would leave her with a member and I would find some one else. So I did…. ain’t nobody goin’ to tell me what to do! So Saturday and Sunday I found other comps and went out and spoke Spanish.

But my favorite day this past week (and usually every week) was Sunday. We had the Primary Program and guess who got to fulfil their life long dream of being the primary program conductor…. thats right this kid right here did so in Spanish. It honestly was one of the sweetest programs that I ever saw, I loved it. They sang so loud and with all of their heart and they all had their parts memorized. I love these children so much, there is something so special about children, I guess that is why we are asked to become like them. They are so innocent and pure and I love them! And do not fret I will send a picture.

Well honestly this week was not too eventful just more fireworks and tamales. But tomorrow we do get to do a service project at an old folks home and I love old people so I am thrilled! But we have to leave at 4 in the morning….. that part I am not so thrilled….. but it is like 2 p days in a row, so I am thrilled for that too! Anyways, I am so grateful for the opportunity to be here. I am grateful for the opportunity to celebrate Christmas in such a humble country and to share the sweet message of our Savior at this time. I love you all dearly and hope that you have a blessed week.

Con AMor
Hermana Edwards


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