Week 27 in Puerto Barrios


No se precupen estoy acqui ahora! HOLLER!!!

First off a big shot out to my baby girl Makenzie Noel….. she doesnt really write me…. but I still love her….. But anyways FELIZ CUMPLEANOS!!!!

Well with the Christmas season in full throttle these days we had a weird transfers conference…. I do not know if that makes sense or not….. but anyways this change was only 4 weeks instead of 6. So we got the call last night and me and my comp are together for another 8 weeks now and at the end of this 8 weeks I will be “killing her” as they say because she will be finishing up her misión. But I feel like that is fine because mind you good people I am now living illegally here in Guate…. Thats right I am ilegal…. never thought that day would come, but it has. Now with this adrenaline of being illegal I did my first criminal act. Escuchame.

So we have got two sets of keys, my comp has the keys for our house and I have the keys for the house of the other sisters. Well just a couple of days ago my comp and I left the house and as soon as the door shut she said “a la gran” meaning AHHHH SHOOOOOOOT! And I said did you forget your bug spray. No….. she forgot the keys. Well I feel like in most apartments the land lady will have keys, so we went to talk to her and she said there is one key for every house….. but you can break in through the window. And I said , lets do it! So we went back upstairs and we depaneled our window and I climbed through the window like a bandit in the day. But it makes me kind of nervous that if I can break into my house being as White as I aml….. a pro bandit here can probably do it a lot easier…… but I am not scared…….

Other happenings from this week included Devil DAY……. WAHHOOOO! It honestly was kind of bizarre, everyone had these devil piñatas that had Fireworks in them and were setting them on fire. We just hung out in the chapel because it just sounded like something that we should not be walking in the streets during. Well it definitely sounded like everyone was having just a dandy good time, but whatever I enjoyed my time in the capilla.

Well this week I was thinking a lot on the transfers that could have potentially happened. I was praying and praying that I could just receive the help that I am in need of. It just seemed like things were not working out the way that I thought they could…. and then I went to the Christmas Devotional last night. It was so beautiful to see Temple Square and to hear the lovely music, but I am so grateful for the talk that Russel M. Nelson gave. He talked about finding inner peace through Christ. I have always read that He is the Prince of Peace but never did I realize that peace is also our own inner peace. What a comforting message when I needed it so badly. I know that when we study about Christ and when we seek to be more like Him that inner peace comes poco a poco and that He wants to help us gain that peace and that it is only through Him that we can receive it. I am so grateful for this time of year. It is definitely a little bit different spending it down here in Guatemala, but bring on the Fireworks and the tamales, Hermana Edwards is here!

I sincerely hope that we can all spend this time if year thinking on the right things, focusing on the beautiful feeling that it brings. I love you all and I love Christmas and I love Guatemala!

Con Amor
Hermana Edwards


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