Thanksgiving and Roller Derbies

Date: Mon, 2 Dec 2013

Well here we are again my fellow readers!!!!!

Well I sure hope that you all just had a wonderful Thanksgiving, mine was definitely Guatified for sure. Out here in the boondocks of Guatemala there are 3 Hermana missionaries from the States that decided that they were going to celebrate a classic American holiday, so we did what we could living in the beautiful country of Guatemala. We made a banana pie, we made an Apple crisp, and we made Shephards pie, I think that sounds pretty American to me….. do not fret I will send a picture. But really it was good I am so grateful that we had a piece of the States and we even prayed in English. MERICA

But something is changing here in Puerto Barrios. I do not know if you all remember how a couple of weeks ago I was saying how hot it was…… now it is not so hot….. I feel cold…. I actually have to wear a sweater…. and a scarf….. and not because they are cute….. but because I am cold. I was rather concerned about how cold it was getting so I decided to see how cold it actually is here. Wait for it….. it is 78 degrees…. that is not cold!!!! I do not know what I am going to do when I have to return to Logan Utah next December….. The Church is True.

Anyways, other news of the week. I caught a kitten, celebrated 6 months in the mission, pet a duck, and there was a rollerderby competition here. Yeah I guess they do that here. Pretty neat I guess.

I guess here comes the spiritual stuff. This week it just so happens that I got to teach a lot about temples and the blessings of the temple. It is kind of hard to teach these people because some of them really do have the desire to go, but the temple is 6 hours away on bus and the bus to get there is about 90 quetzales one way and these people do not have the means to go. It breaks my heart because I just want to throw them all over my back and carry them to the temple….. I think that might work….. just maybe. But in reality I am so grateful that I have always lived close enough to the temple and have been able to go. What a blessing that truly is. But what I have een telling these sweet people is that they just need to be worthy, if they can just carry their temple recommend with them they can receive those blessings. It has been a little sad that I now have not been to the temple in 5 months but it is okay because I am on the Lords errand. Anyways, thats my thought for the day.

Well I hope you all have a wonderful week. We have made it to December, isn’t that nuts. Now do not miss too much by this time next year I will be back in the states driving you all nuts again! I love you all and do good things!

Con Amor
Hermana Edwards


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