Week 26 – More from Guatemala and a third of the way done!!

Date: Mon, 25 Nov 2013 10:53:15 -0600
From: alyssae@myldsmail.net

Oh my dear friends another week with bad electricity and problems with water is done. Oh how the time flies!

Well this week was so good let me tell you. We were told on Sunday that our mission President and his wife were going to be coming out here last Sunday night and that we had to prepare for them to come. This was big news people, I do not think that you understand, our President never comes out to Puerto Barrios because it is the farthest area out of the capital that you can get in my misison. My comp and I were put in charge of finding a restuarant. So we went out searching and found this beautiful restaurant on the ocean and the people that own it were so kind. They told us that we usually would have to pay up front but there was something different about us and they trusted us. Honestly I think it is the name tag, it can get us whatever we want and the fact that I am white…. that helps a lot too.

Our Zone Conference was sooooo good. I love to learn from my President I know that he is an inspired man. We started off by just having a conference for the sisters and we learned about safety and things like that. And then everyone joined together and it was so good. There is a lot of power when a group of missionaries are together.

So I do not know if you all remember my BFF Hermana Arjelia, well she works at a Pet shop and she sells animals. She has been doing really well lately selling animals, so I decided that I wanted to help her sell animals. So when I am in the streets of Guatemala I look for animals that I can bring her to sale. Well my little business venture with her has turned into a really great way of contacting people in the streets. One night I found a pregnant cat and I thought that it would be awesome to give Hermana Arjelia because she could have like 8 cats to sale….. What a deal! Well I get this cat to start following me and this woman says, “You found my cat, thank you.” I was pretty bummed but then I decided to talk with her. I talked to her about churchy things and then she took her cat and that was that. Another night I found another pregnant cat and the same thing happened. I keep telling Hermana Arjelia that I will bring her a cat and she doesn’t beleive me…. she thinks I am joking….. one day I will prevail!

Well this week I will be celebrating 6 months in Guate, that is right – you guys have been missing me for 6 months…. I can hardly beleive it. But do not be too sad because you can celebrate Thanksgiving and eat tons of good food and I will be eating corn tortillas, eggs, and beans…. which I feel like that is more like what the Native Americans were eating so really, I think I am the more authentic of the group. But I do hope that you eat sooo much yummy food and are so thankful for all that you have. I definitely am grateful for this opportunity to serve a mission. At times it is rough, at times I eat monkey uterus and other times I get chased by dogs and other times bit by a rat….. but I have seen miracles. I love it here. I love my Guates a whole lot. And I love you guys too (duh). I hope that you all have a wonderful week! And remember to be thankful!

Con Amor
Hermana Edwards


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