Week 25 from Guate

Hello all you good people out there!!!!!!

Well we have completed another good week in beautiful Guate! This week was nuts, I really beleive that before anything good happens a huge storm has to hit. This past week we had a wedding and a baptism, so the whole week was preparing for that. Last Tuesday we went and visited this couple and they told us that they could not go through with it because the mom of the girl, who is a member, living illegally in the United States wants to be at the wedding….. now stop right there…. are you kdding me. I seriously sat in that little house and almost started to cry…. okay I did cry let us be honest here. I was so upset. They asked us what they should do and I do not think that I have ever been so direct with anyone in my life. I told them that they are very aware of the commandments of God and the commandments that they are breaking. They have 2 choices that they can make and it is entirely up to them. And then my comp piped in and told them if they make the wrong decision they are going to the infierno…..so….. That was a rough night. We went home that night and prayed and pleaded that these kids would make the right decision. The next morning we get a call from them and they decided that they wanted to go through with it all. And I am really gratefulbecause we bought a cake and how awful would that be to not have a use for that cake.

But in reality I am so thankful for these kids. The sweet girl who got baptized is so sweet and so tender. After she changed into her baptism clothes she told me that she feels like an angel. I was so excited to see that girl get dumped in the water….. I cried again…. clearly. But what an experience. This whole mission thing is just an emotional wreck.

But as for other news the life of the Sister missionaries in Puerto Barrios has been a hot mess! It seems like we have been hit with problem after problem but this last week tops it all. One of the sisters got really bad gripe which is a cold. The mission nurse told her that she had to go to the doctor because she was nervous because they have an investigator with teburculosis (yeah that still exists). So that trio of sisters went to the hospital were one of them was admitted in because they were afraid she had teberculosis. So if one sister gets admitted they are all admitted. Well they finally got word that they can leave yesterday so they were brought the bill and it was 6,000 quetzales and they had to pay it all or they could not leave. These sweet sisters are 6 hours out of the capital and our sweet mission President cannot do anything….. but good thing our branch president came and saved the day. Welcome to Guatemala everybody… where you can get held hostage in a hospital….. oh and remember that this is all happening in Spanish

This week has been quite an adventure. I have spent some good time in the streets talking to people. We are having a rough time finding new investigators so I decided that I would talk to every one. What a blessing it was. Sometimes I look like such a fool though because I get impresisons to talk with certain people after I have walked past them, or have crossed the street, or after they have past me, so I end up turning around or running after them. But it works. There was this one woman that I had the impression to run after. I started talking to her and was about to give her a Restoration pamphlet when I decided the Plan of Salvation would be better. Well little did I know that her son was killed just a week ago. I know that we all have a purpose and sometimes it is just there to comfort people. WHat a blessing it is to be a missionary. I know that I would not be able to do this without the help of our Heavenly Father.

Well that is all the news for this week. Oh and there were kittens born during one of my lessons…. I think that sums it up! I hope all is well wherever you may be. I love you all!


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