Week 24 from Puerto Barrios

Hermana Edwards is doing great and on a side note from her today I found out that the rat and bird from last weeks letter were pets of one of the members in her ward. She said that both of the bites are healing well. Now we just have to worry about her new neighbors and not the critters that she comes across.

Date: Mon, 11 Nov 2013 17:35:44 -0600

Well at last we meet again at the start of another week in Puerto Barrios. This past week has been exhausting but so good. So I guess we shall start at the very beginning, thats a very good place to start.

This week we have focused a lot on service. It all started Tuesday. We were running late to a lesson so we had to take a taxi, now I do not want to say taxi and have everyone thinking that I am living the high life, because it is about as good as a taxi in Guate can get. And the sweet man that drove us would not let us pay because he did not want to take money from servants of God…. now if everyone coul,d have this mindset my life would be set. It was so very kind of him. The next day we were running home because it was 9 and we had to be in our house, but I saw this sweet old woman that we talked to last week starting to walk home. I could not have this little abuelita walk home, so I ran across the street and told her I was going to get her a taxi. She was so thankful, so we waited and waited for a taxi and one finally came. I asked the man how much it would be and he said 10 quetzals…. Are you kidding me…. rip off just because I am white. Now this sweet little abuela is so sassy and said she did not want to go with him so we waited for another one and one finally came. I talked to the man and told him what we needed and he said he could bring her home. When I tried to pay him he would not let me because he said if I wanted to serve he could serve too. I am so grateful for such wonderful people that really care about others, what a blessing that is.

Remember how I live in a hotel, well we have been getting more and more neighbors. This place is hoppin. But we are getting a lot of 20 year old men moving in. It is kind of weird, but a few days ago I went out to wash my dishes in the pila (a pila is like a dishwasher…. but you use your hands) and I was about to go back inside and this guy stopped me and started to talk to me. I told him good night and then he asked me if I was busy and I said I had to make dinner. He then told me he was going to the bar across the street if I wanted to go…… First time I have ever been invited to a bar. I felt pretty hard core but then I decided…. better not.

Also this week we have been preparing for a baptism. The baptism is this Friday and it as been so much work but thats okay no one said baptisms were easy. With this baptism we have to have a wedding, I guess there is this thing called the Law of Chastity so we need to have a wedding first. And that is right folks I have now planned my first Guatemalan wedding. I think I am prepared to plan my own now but its fine. Nonetheless I am really excited for this baptism this week and excited that I do not have changes. I get to spend Christmas on the beach! Holler back!!!!

This week literally has kicked my trash, I have never been so tired but it is worth it. I love the work. I love Puerto Barrios, I have had 6 weeks here but it is crazy the different things you can learn depending on your area, My first area I learned words like gangs, gun, and shootings, and this area I have learned words like hammock, beach and relax. I love the obra misional and what an honor it is to finally be a missionary. There are some very special people here that mean a whole lot to me. I am grateful for all of you that read this, and I am sorry for my awful grammar… but I figure it is okay because I have been living in Guate for a few months. I hope all is happy in your lives! Thank you for the support and love! I love you all. Peace and Blessings!

Con Amor
Hermana Edwards


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