5 Month Flashback – Week 22

Oh hello good people of the World!

Well here we are again meeting through the internet… kind of… not really but I mean it makes me feel like I have some connection with civilization. But listen here I am so glad to talk with you all it has been a lovely sweaty day in Puerto Barrios but lovely nonetheless.

Well tomorrow I hit 5 months living in Guatemala. That is half the time to incubate a baby, I feel like that is pretty successful. But hitting this major point in my life I figure we would do a short five month flashback because that sounds pretty catchy. I really wanted to add in some nice background music but I didnt so just hum to your selves while you read this. Well in the last 5 months I have learned a whole lot of Spanish, been in 3 areas, had 5 companions (more than half being Latinas), made some pretty good friends, kissed by a gangster, ate monkey uterus (yeah I brought that up again), saw a castle, moved to the beach, learned how to wash my clothes in a pila, had two baptisms, read Jesus the Christ, and saved a pigeon. Those are the major points that I can remember right now that I think are pretty neat. But I have now lived 5 months without carpet…. and I miss carpet a lot….. but all is well I love this country!

Well now onto notes from this week. First off, I decided if we had some crazy natural disaster in the States that I could survive easy now after living here. This week some kids taught me how to make a kite out of tree so I mean if we lost everything and had to live off of what the Earth cold give us I could make kites for everyone so I think that is a good attribute to have so yeah……. Also I am an animal whisperer so that could be handy too.

Today is clearly P day that is why I am permitted to write ya’ll. And today was a great Pday we went to some ruins. We first walked into this museum and there was this black jade with this tree carved into it and some people holding onto a rod walking to this tree. Now my Mormon folk out there if this does not scream first Nephi… I do not know what does. So we look at the back and guess what had a quote about the tree of life on it…, if you guessed that black jade you nailed it. It is so amazing that we find things like that in places that are ot own by the Church. Still do not know how it got there or who made it, but it is unreal that I am serving where the people of The Book of Mormon were. HOLLAR

Well this week I am learning more about meekness. Things happen sometimes that we just do not like but this week I am learning more to smile at it and look for the funny things that happen. We have this darling recent convert, he is like 65 years old and just cracks me up.. Him and my comp were having a dispute and my comp was just done with the lesson but I just sat there and talked with him for a minute. He has a lot to share with us and we just need to listen to him. But I feel like that goes for everyone. A lot of the time we just do not always listen and there is always someone that needs us to listen for just a moment.

Well kids, that is our lesson for the day, learn to listen. This message was brought to you by Hermana Edwards in Puerto Barrios. But thanks again for all of your support. I hope that all is well in your lives and that you are staying dry. Know that I that I love you and that I love this work. I cannot say that enough. I love being a missionary. I am learning so much and what a blessing it is to serve here in Guatemala. This country is so special to me. I love you all and hope that you have a beautiful week!

Con Amor
Hermana Edwards


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