Week 21- She’s Rolling Along

Date: Mon, 21 Oct 2013 12:17:44 -0600

Oh hello you good people of the world!

Well we have finished another week in oh so wonderful Perto Barrios. What a week it has been. First I want to thank everyone that has sent me letters, I finally received a whole load of them last week and I was so thrilled. Being in Puerto Barrios we have to wait an extra 2 to 4 weeks to receive mail so it was such a treat to be able to read some wonderful things from you cute kids.

Well this week started out a little slow, but sometimes that happens. SO this is what happened, we were walking, walking at a very rapid pace I might add, when my ankle rolled. And sometimes my ankle rolls a lot which is fine but this time it hurt really bad – but, I just was like “walk it off Edwards” just the usual pep talk. Well we get to the house of the other Hermanas here in Puertos because we were having divisions with yet another companionship of Hermanas and my foot is getting real big, real fast….. this was a problem because my shoe was getting small real fast. But the story ends well, I am just in a brace right now, but I am able to wear my normal shoes again so thats okay. Point of the story just dont roll your ankle….. clearly.

Well this new branch that I am in is so wonderful, I absolutely adore it. There are some sisters in this ward that I just cannot get enough of. One of these sisters name is Hermana Arjelia. Now Hermana Arjelia is like my BFF here in Puerto, I like to yell her name in the streets of Guatemala when I see her a few blocks away and she just laughs and tells me to be quiet. Well we were in this lesson with Hermana Arjelia and some of her family. For some reason my comp brought up how this is probably going to be her last area and Hermana Arjelia looked at her and kind of shrugged like whatever and then said how she doesn’t want me to leave. She said that the Sunday that she met the missionaries for the first time she saw my comp and was like… yeah she is from Honduras, and than she the cute little Peruvian and Hermana Arjelia thought she was cute and then she saw me and said that something hit her like a wall…. at first when she said that it made me nervous…. but do not fret she did not stop at that. She continued by saying that she knew that she met before this Earth life and that she feels something very special with me. I have known this sweet woman for 3 weeks now and I love her dearly I know that I am supposed to be with her right now.

I had another really cool experience this week as well. I was with Hermana Arjelia (I told you she is my BFF) and we were walking and talking. We walked past this man and said Hola and what not and he told me my accent was good and I said thank you….. because that is what you do. We continued walking and then something told me to stop and go talk with that man. So I told Hermana Arjelia to wait for a second because I needed to talk with that man. And me being so odd and awkward turned around and went up to the man and said Excuse me but I have a feeling I need to talk with you…. I could not have been more casual… I know. We talked for a bit and gave him Book of Mormon. He thanked me for turning back to talk with him and told me that he wants me to meet his family because he said that he can feel my heart and my spirit and knows that I am a good example to youth. Well that was so so so kind of that man because sometimes it is easy to get lost here, but it reassured as to why I am here.

This week has been difficult, but it is not going to be the last difficult week. I have seen miracles in just the past couple of days. There is this menos activo who is just a stinker about everything. He is 19 years old and before wanted absolutely nothing to do with the church but I have been praying for this boy to have a desire. I challenged him to read the Book of Mormon with me and I honestly did not think he would…. but he is. He is reading it slowly but reading it nonetheless. There is a lot of power in that book and I know that it can change lives. I just want to let you all know that I am doing well and that I am thankful for your support. I love you all. If any of you are having a rough time, take a minute to read the Book of Mormon and pray, I have seen how it helps my life and how it literally changes the lives of other people. Or you can just come to Guatemala and then everything seems so much better! I love you all and I love this church! Keep on doing work kids! Edwards over and out!

Con Amor
Hermana Edwards


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