Week 20 – Kittens and Site Seeing in Cemetary

Date: Mon, 14 Oct 2013 15:36:31 -0600
From: alyssae@myldsmail.net
To: m_jedwards@msn.com; jedwards@pbtk.com; soccer.kj@hotmail.com

Well friends and family here we are again!

Well I have survived yet another week in the Tower of Terror…. Tuh Duh! And this was my first week solo with my comp so that was kind of interesting… we shall talk more about that later. But all in all I am really loving this area. It is hotter than Hades but that is nothing new,, but having it be so hot makes the cold showers a lot more bearable so I guess there is always a positive side to everything folks.

Well this week I added more pets to collection of animals that I have here. Last week I got a pigeon, I am living like a real Guate with that and this week I added two kittens to my collection. Everytime I feed my kittens I hear my moms voice in my head telling me that I can’t take the baby home after I found that toddler in the street back in the day when I lived in the states. But I really love these kittens so I figure it is all right and more people want to talk to me because they see this white kid feeding kittens in the streets of GUatemala.

Well clearly today is Pday and we can all thank the heavens for that. Today for Pday we went to this cemetary that is here in Puerto Barrios. Now that kind of sounds morbid but well my life is rather weird these days so why not spend a couple of hours in a cemetary. But this cemetary is kind of cool, it has got this baby taj mahal and all sorts of things that just make me love my Guates a little bit more.

So this week I am learning more about humility and meekness. I kind of don’t want to learn about them, but I guess it is time again. I have been having some problems with my companion which is expected because everything was so easy with my last companion that I would have to get some one who trials me. But I know that there is a reason I am with her and there is something that I can learn from her. But at the same time I know that Heavenly Father is never ever going to give us something that is too hard to handle. Right now this companionship is very difficult but at the same time Heavenly Father has put another companionship of sisters in my same area that I get along with very well and that provide a lot of support for things that are going on. I also am very aware that this is my opportunity to learn. Some times it is hard to learn about humility when I so gosh darn stubborn, I think that is why I love donkeys so much they just understand. But at the same time I know that this is when I can more fully use that Atonement. The Atonement is there for us to be better, to overcome our sins but it is also there for us to learn to submit our will and take on the will of the Father. At times it is hard and at times it sucks but if we want to return to live with God one day sometimes we got to sacrifice.

Well now that we have gotten past the more serios stuff I want to let you all how much I love my mission. Yeah there are problems, sometimes they are hard companions and sometimes there is monkey uterus but I promise that we can all do hard things. And there are always people there to help us do that. Right now I already have a best friend in the ward. Her name is Chatia and it was her birthday last week. She has special needs and we get along very well… clearly. Everytime I see this sweet girl she throws her hands in the area and screams so obviosly I do it in return. I am so grateful for people like her. I am so grateful for this opportunity to be here and to get to know these people I love them so dearly. THings are chugigng along for sure. I hope that you all have a beautiful week that is not 95 degress plus humidity. But if you do remember your sunscreen! Les quierro mucho!

Con Amor
Hermana Edwards


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