Week 19 – Puerto Barrios

To whom it may concern or interest:

AHHHHH I am so thrilled to write all of you cute kids this week. First off, all of you who watched conference throw your hands in the air and yell WAHOO!!!!! Oh my heck that conference was killer… we all just got a little love from that cute Prophet Monson and were called to repentance. I think I can last another 6 months…. oh but I am thrilled to hear what comes next. I am not going to lie when President Thomas Monson said farewell I wept because here I am in Guatemala and he just said bye…. oh my heart cannot take it. Well needless to say I cannot wait to read those sweet talks over and over again (exclamation mark).

Well for others news from this week, this kid right here had cambios. But that is nothing new. So I went to our cambios meeting and there was soooo many people there. Three fourths of our mission was there just hanging out talking in Spanglish. So I am hanging with some of these missionaries that I adore when I finally got to enter the cambio room. All of my friends were waiting outside to hear where in Guatemala this kid got to go. I was told that I was going to Puerto Barrios. Now where in the world is that – I only know Zona 18, so I am a little naive when it comes to the other parts. Now let me tell you how this cambio worked out. They did not just kick me out of Zona 18, they kicked me out of the capital. I almost passed out. Because you see, here not many people get to leave the capital in fact very few people get to leave. I think it is because they are sick of me befriending gangsters, but I do not know. So last Wednesday I took a 6 hour bus ride to my new area which in fact sits right on the beach…. please living like a Princess these days. All of my friends were dying because I got to leave the cap but whatever, it is no big deal (actually it is a big deal).

Well Puerto Barrios first is soooo hot. And it is soooo humid. I literally sweat all of the time. I sweat when I sleep, I sweat when I study, I sweat before the shower, I sweat after the shower, I sweat when I walk, I sweat when I teach, I lieterally sweat all of the time and it does not help that I have Edwards genes in me. Talk about a hot mess… but it is fine because I live next to the beach.

This first week here has been interesting. We are opening up a new area so that is kind of rough. Also our area is huge so that too is rough. We lived with the Hermanas that we share our area with for a few days and finally got moved into our house. We live in the Tower of Terror now. Literally I am not being dramatic. So the first day we visited our apartment the woman who owns it was like this used to be a working hotel, but now we have permanent residence. Stop right there little missy! I am pretty sure they said that in the Tower of Tower movie also there is a broken elevator so I think we have clear evidence that I live in the Tower of Terror. And one more piece of evidence I found my first drowning pigeon in our pila here, but do not worry I saved it and then I fed it cereal and now he lives under my pila. SO welcome to my life.

For Pday today we visited a castle (thats what happens when you move out of the cap). It was so cool and so fun oh my heavens. I love this place. But really Puerto Barrios is killer and cruise ships pass by so if you want to visit go on a cruise. Oh and there is one more reason why I love this place the people here are so dark. I mean Guates are pretty dark as it is but I am talking really dark like middle of Africa…..so I feel a little bit at home.

Anyways this week has been so good. So hot, but so good. It is hard being dropped into an area where I feel so lost all of the time. But there are people here to help me. I cannot help but think this is what we were told before we got these bodies and came to Earth. There was this plan and we were stoked for but we knew at times we would feel lost but God would not leave us alone. He puts people on out paths to guide us, to be examples for us. And most importantly He gave us our Savior. I am learning more and more about the atonement and how to use it better in my life. I am so grateful for that sweet sacrifice of love for all of us. Yeah at times we all feel a little lost, sometimes a little sweaty but that is okay because there is a light that can guide each and every one of us. I hope you know how much I love you all and I hope that all is well! Keep hanging in there and keep smiling and if it is hard think of me living in the Tower of Terror! I love you all!

Con Amor
Hermana Edwards


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