Week 18 – Transfer this Week

Oh hello to all of you wonderful people that so patiently read my letters! I hope that all of you are doing so wonderfully!

Well this past week has been another wonderful week in Guatemala! We taught the Gospel, we studied, we walked miles and did what missionaries do. Also we have not had any rain this week just the sun that feels like the fiery inferno but I am getting some good color…. red, but that is okay. We did have the wonderful opportunity this week to watch the Relief Society General Broadcast. I was not to sure how this was going to go over in Spanish but oh it was so wonderful. The minute I heard President Monson start to talk before the Spanish translator came in I began to weep like an Edwards. My cheeks were hot and tears were coming. No one else in that congregation was crying except the one white kid…. yeah thats me. THe sweet ward members were looking at me very concerned and my comp said do not worry about her she is from the States….. oh but it was so wonderful.

Also this past week my sweet friend that was baptized last week received the Holy Ghost and the same Sunday that she got that you better believe this white kid with 4 months of Spanish under her belt gave her first talk in chuirch. I was a little bit nervous because I did not have time to really prepare anything andf when I say prepare anything I mean prepare my Spanish because that always needs rehearsing…. you all thought that I was bad when I did not prepare anything in English you should hear some of the doctrine that I teach in Spanish…… just things like I am the Priesthood or I share my first vision or repent of your fish I do not know but all is well in Zion.

Oh but the big news for the week is we got the call for cambios this yesterday, Mind you I have been in this area for a total of 6 weeks…. I was sure I was here for at least another cambio….. but you better believe that they are taking me and my comp out of this area and putting in Elders because it is too dangerous or something like that…. I do not really believe that but I guess my President knows best and I have a testimony so let us all prayer for the poor sister who has to deal with this kid. It really is bitter sweet because I have come to really love my gang ridden hot mess of an area, I feel like I fit in in some weird way. But the hardest part is having to leave the Youth here. I love them so dearly, one of them told me he started his papers because I helped him. Oh cambios…. I guess it is a good thing I did not unpack all the way after my last move. Bring it on cambios.

This week I came to the realization that all of these members that I love so dearly are all converts. I was sitting in a lesson with our girl that was just baptized and I was the only person in the room that was baptized at the age of 8. This church would be absolutely nothing withou sweet, humble people with hearts that are open and ready to convert to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It truly is incredible.

Well, I do not have any funny stories…or jokes other than I am the only white person in this area so everyday is kind of like a joke….. But I hope that all of you have a wonderful beautiful week.

Con Amor,
Hermana Edwards


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