Week 17

Okay everybody I would just like to say I am sorry for the bore of a letter that I sent last week…. what a drag for heavens sake I am living in Guate I can write a little better than that…. so hopefully this letter will be a little bit better.

First off, let us start off with the exciting news of the week…. we had a baptism yesterday! Oh my good night this baptism was hard, hard work but very well worth it. This baptism date had fallen thru 3 times, the first time because the mom would not give permission, the second time because the girl was afraid of her mom and finally yesterday we told this girl that her baptism was going to be that night and she said okay. But her mom would not sign the papers – but we decided to push on with the baptism and her mom finally signed the papers only 15 minutes before this sweet girl walked into the font. Oh can we all shout Amen! What a miracle. So that was a blessing this week.

This week I have been working a lot more on talking with the people in the streets to try and learn this language that I am supposed to be learning. I met this man who told me he watched me walk the streets 3 times that week and wanted to talk to me and finally he had the courage to. He wants to learn English so I invited him to my English class that I have every Saturday… yeah you read that right this kid that is trying to speak Spanish is now teaching English in Spanish…. talk about a hot mess. So on Saturday we met up with him and I stuck out my hand to shake his and he passed the hand right up and went in for the kiss on the cheek. My comp lost it and he tried to tell her that it is okay because we are friends…. Don’t worry that was only the first kiss of the day…. I do what I want….. not really Latinos do what they want….. After clase de Ingles we went to a members house and talked about this new guy that we met. Well little did we know that he was actually part of a gang and spent some time in prison, but now he is trying to clean up his life…. I am pretty hard core I guess.

So this week we caught wind that there is a dangerous storm coming our way…. I thought we were coming to an end of the rain…. I guess not. There is only so much hiking in a skirt and mud slides that I like to do, but I guess that I can handle a little bit more. So now it is our job to find the members and menos activos that live in the more dangerous terrain places and bring them food for their food storage. I mean it is really fun to deliver the food and make people happy but a 30 lb bag of dried leche in a mudslide is kind of an adventure but I guess bring it on Guate.

This week has been fun and been so good. From people asking us to translate dreams to watching a kids fly into a baranco (baby grand canyon) it has been good. If nothing else I have learned more about faith. With that baptism we had yesterday we knew that it had to happen yesterday but when our sweet investigator came to us crying because her mom would not sign the papers we were lost as what to do, but I guess it is just like Moses (clearly on a much smaller scale) . He had a mass of people following him when he came up to the sea. He had no idea what was going to happen or how these people were going to get across but he knew that Lord had made a promise and it took putting his feet into the water for the sea to split. We did not know how this baptism was going to happen yesterday but we knew that it was supposed to. We went through with all the plans and it was not until the mom saw her daughter in those baptismal clothes that she signed those papers. Some times we have to get our feet wet. We do not know how in the world things are going to work out but the Lord will never let us drown not even in a mudslide in Guatemala. He is very aware and He has a plan and I know that with all that is in me. Like usual I am grateful to be here what a blessing it is in my life! I hope that you all have such a wonderful wonderful week and if not well suck it up and smile! And I say that with love! I LOVE YOU ALL!

Con Amor,
Hermana Edwards


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