Week 16 – All is Well

Hola de Guatemala!

Well this has just been quite a solid week of work and rain. I cannot believe all of the stuff that we have accomplished this week but I am so very grateful for all of it. I am sad to say that I do not have any really good stories but this week was the INdependence Day of Guatemala so that was just a huge party itself.

Let me tell you about how we celebrate freedom down here… music (from the US), fireworks (all day and all night) and crazy partying in the street. Man I want to come back here when I am not a missionary because it looks like such a blast. Because of the craziness down here we were really not let out into the streets…. I think it is because they know that putting Hermana Edwards into the streets would make it all a little more crazy but all is well. We would be laying in our beds not able to sleep because the music would just go all night and our beds would be shaking from how loud the music was but it was fun none the less.

With Dia de Independencia came so much food….. oh my good night. I cannot hardly believe all the food that these people were dishing out. We had this one drink that kind of tasted like popcorn so I clearly asked my comp what in the world I was drinking and she told me corn. I swear they can turn any food into a drink. Through some mushed up corn into a pot and call it good.

So, I have been with my crazy El Salvadorian for 4 weeks now. At first I thought that I was not understanding everything that she said to me because it was just bizarre but I am definitely understanding her clearly and she definitely says some weird things to me. I should have been writing quotes of the week from this crazy kid. A couple days ago she was trying to convince me that there are little flies that live in the water and that they onle eat white meat and that is why I have so many bug bites. A couple days before that she told that she did not understand why all of the boys liked me because I do not wear make-up or do my hair and yet they still talk to me. Another time we were talking about our investigators and what their needs are and then she looked at me in all seriousness and told me that I have little bugs in my body because I have to use the bathroom during the night…… I love this kid a whole lot.

This week we have really stepped up our game. We had divisions at the start of this week and I do not know what happened with Hermana Reyes but she does not have as much fear now. I am so very grateful for that. If I have learned anything in my time in the streets of Guatemala it is that nothing gets done when you are afraid. Some times things are a little scary but bienvenida Guatemala. But if you are afraid to talk to some one who will talk to them, if you are afraid to teach some one who will teach them. With the our new area that we are in charge of a lot of fear has bene put into Hermana Reyes because of all the gangs but I know for a fact if we are doing what we are supposed to be doing there really is nothing to fear and that is that.

Like always I am thankful for this past week and I am thankful for this mission call. I certainly do love Guate with all of my heart and would not want to be doing anything else. I hope that you all have a happy week!

Con Amor,
Hermana Edwards


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