Week 14 – no machetes allowed

Hello Everybody I am here once again!!!!

Well let me first start by wishing the woman who birthed me a big FELIZ CUMPLEANOS!!!!! Yeah it is her birthday this week and I love her dearly, so now that we have shared that let us move onto the happenings of this week.

Oh my, remember how a week ago we talked briefly about my death hole of a bathroom (if you do not remember please refer back to last weeks letter). This week me and my comp got a good old case of Guate Gripe and spent some time in the bathroom. Oh my what good times that was. But I am getting pretty good at holding it if I know we are going to the capilla which is about a 2 mile walk away you had better believe I will hold it threw the night and into the next morning to use a bathroom that can flush all on its own. But that is that.

For those of you that are now just joining and reading in on the adventures of Guatemala I would like to remind you of the time that my name was the Diabla in the CCM…. well the man who always got mad at me…. is my stake president….. bienvenida mi vida…. enough said there.

This week the sky has turned into a waterfall. I do not think that I have ever seen so much water in my life. On top of raining all of the time the raindrops are big enough to drown a small mammal. Needless to say we are usually wetter than water, but all is well because it is pretty warm here so basically it is like riding Splash Moutain in the middle of the Summer. Which that reminds me of something else, remember how at the end of Pirates of the Caribbean there are wood planks hanging from the ceiling and they look they are falling, but they never will because your are safe in DIsneyland well I have noticed that look in a lot of the little shacks we teach in. This past week we started teaching the sweetest El Salvadorian woman ever and in her sweet tin house she has a crib tied with twine to here ceiling and a full dresser tied with twine on a wall. I do not know how well that is going to hold…… but all is well.

Our sweet investigator Albina, oh man I love her immensely. One night we were teaching her and then there was a knock at the door. Some whispering commenced and Albina returned and retrieved her machette from underneath her bed, I looked at her and she told me there was one in the bathroom as well. But do not even fret, mom, President Watts just came out with a new rule that we are not allowed to use those anymore so all is well. And my sweet companera is afraid of them anyways. She is kind of afraid of everything. One day we were walking and it was raining (clearly) and she stopped dead in her tracks and I looked back at her and she said we need to find safety because she is afraid that a pole will fall on us and that because it is raining we will get electricuted…… I guess it could happen……

Well now that I just word vomitted everything I have in my brain let us look at what we learned this week. This week I have been trying to be more grateful. At times and I mean everyday, I ask and I plead with Heavenly Father to help me with everything I mean everything, when really that is not what I need to be spending my time talking about. The more that I really look at these people that I serve and the more that I get to know them I am more humbled. I have everything that I could ever need and am asking for more when these people live in tin shacks, sleep in wet beds and always ask what they can do for me. Yeah at times I think my life is so hard because my toilet doesn’t work like the ones in the US and because my language is not perfect, but there is so much more than that. I love it here a whole lot and I am learning a whole lot. I get to spend all my time thinking of how I can be a better servant, how I can help these people and I am given so much in return. I know this work to be true and I know that it is powerful, I watch myself change along with the people everyday.

I hope you all know how much I love you and I hope that you can all have a wonderful week and everytime you flush your toilet I hope you think of me! Happy Birthday MOM! Peace and Blessings!

Con Amor
Hermana Edwards


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