Week 13 – Chickens and Broken Bathrooms

Oh it is that time once again to hear from Guatemala! Well this week has been oh so wonderful let me tell you! First, we had cambios and I am can hardly express how blessed I am with my nueva companera. She is from El Salvador and before I even knew who my new companera was going to be the wife to the President came up and gave me a hug and kept saying how happy she was for my new companerismo. Wow she is so right. Let me tell you a little bit about my nueva companera.

First off she is just the happiest ray of El Salvadorian sunshine that I have ever met. If all people from El Salvador are like her you better believe I am moving there. Second we laugh all of the time. What a blessing that is because some times when it is raining outside and you have stepped in dog poop you just have got to laugh. This sweet sister has had a very difficult life, but she is so happy. We were sitting with one our sweet investigators who wants to get baptized but her mom will not let her and Hermana Reyes shared her testimony and needless to say we were all in tears. Hermana Reyes converted to the gospel 4 years ago at the age of 22 and is now 26 and is serving a mission. I LOVE HER!

Anyways we shall now take a look at my first week in my new area. First of all my new area literally touches the boundaries of my other area… so the leap was only a skip. When I was told about my new area Alamedas I was told that on the danger scale this was bright red and I said thats fine. We packed up our taxi with my luggage and off we went, we pulled into this gated community and I thought there aint no way that this area is a red. I unpacked my things and out we went. When we left the house my companion started heading towards the gate and I just looked at her and she started to laugh and said that this is not our area and out we went and then I saw that we were in red. Armed military men walk the streets so we try and stay close to them. But I love my area so much I cannot even count how many kids have come up to me and told me I am white.

Our new house is so big but the bathroom is a death hole. Let us start with the cold rain water shower… that is new…. but it is easy to wake up in the morning with that. Now let us look at the toilet…. well it does not flush by itself so we fill up a pitcher and flush it ourselves… that is also new… but good to know. Now let us look at the sink…… My first day there I noticed the sink was not really attached to the wall so I took note of that. But my second day I woke up early in the morning to use the bathroom and as I was filling up my pitcher…. you better believe that sink fell and crashed to pieces on the floor….. that too is new… I have never seen that before. My compa just laughed and laughed. Try telling your new zone leader that you broke the sink…. needless to say I am making a lot of friends in this zone.

I also had another new experience here. We went out to go and teach and we knocked on a door and the daughter answered and said her mom was busy preparing lunch so we asked if we could help and she said sure…. little did we know preparing lunch was snapping the neck of a chicken and cleaning it out….. This sweet woman snapped the neck and then taught me how to clean the chicken and you had better believe that I defeathered the chicken and took the scales off its feet. I was feeling pretty good about myself and then she started cleaning out the inside and I needed a chair….. yeah thats all I have to say about that. The same day that I defeathered a chicken I also held a pigeon. Check that off of the things I need to do here. We were talking with this family when this little boy came up to me and told me to hold out my hands, usually when this happens they give me a toy or something…. not this time I look down and there is this feathery creature flapping its wings going nuts. Yeah I held that pigeon and now I am best friends with that family because the other norte that served before me would not hold it.

Well, now comes the spiritual part. This week again I have learned more about service. One night the rain started pounding so we started running, we ran past these two women trying to bring in all of their clothes off of the clothes line so we stopped to help them. They invited us sopping wet missionaries into their house and we talked and talked. These sweet old sisters kept touching my face but that is nothing new and telling me they love me and that is when we dropped the first lesson on these Evangelicos. We shared testimony and the tortillas we just made with them. And got 4 new investigators. Service really is the key. This week alone we have carried 5 gallon water jugs up hills, killed a chicken, washed dishes all because that is what the Savior did. Jesus Christ did not stand on top of a building and yell His testimony to the people, rather He walked through the streets, healing those that needed it, providing rest for those that are weary, bring love to those that did not have it. What a testimony I have of service. How powerful it is to serve our fellow men and to love them unconditionally. At times it is so hard, but we honestly can learn something from every person we meet we might not learn until after but if we love them with a heart of service everything will be alright.

Well this week has really been so wonderful. I have been able to meet so many new people and get into homes that we have not yet gotten into. This work is powerful and I love it so very much. Well know that I love you all and hope everything is fine and dandy in your lives!

Con mucho amor,
Hermana Edwards


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