Week 12 – AND WE SANG

Hello all of you darlings!

Well, let me first start at by saying this week was such a grand week! Yesterday was our ward conference and it was quite the event, let me tell you! First off, I was asked to play the piano for the choir….. and well that was an event in itself – I had one week to relearn how to play the piano. Also for our choir a sister in the ward made us matching shirts and we were just a lovely ocean of coral silk (picture to follow). We had the highest attendance in a long time at 142 people, our ward has not broken 100 in a very long time. What a great day.

Also yesterday was big for us missionaries because we received calls about changes. This whole week I had been telling everyone that I had another 6 weeks here because you are supposed to have at least 12 weeks in your primary area. Last night at 11 we received the call. My white hermana is leaving, my Honduranian is staying and they did not know what I was doing….. bienvenida my life. We spent all this morning calling around to figure out if I should pack or what not and it ends up that I am being transferred. All of the nortes in my zone are being transferred because we have been having some safety problems. My heart is a little broken because after this past week we have 3 new families and we were working hard but of course I am excited for a change, we shall where this story goes.

Now let me tell you about this past week. I cannot even express how much I love being white down here and that is not even sarcastic. First off, the drunks follow me and sing to me but I am a celebrity everyone knows Hermana Edwars (they dont say that final d). A few days ago these two little girls came up to me and invited me to their birthday party. I wanted to go so bad OBVIOUSLY, but all is well I gave them candy and called it even. I am still pretty bummed that I could not go because fiestas are huge down here. They make the biggest cakes of my life and then they have even bigger pinatas! puh lease these Guates know how to do it.

This week really has been a huge blessing. My Spanish has increased immensely in just a week. I can hardly put my love for this place into words. I have seen the Lords hand in my life and in the lives of everyone down here. All you need honestly, is faith. Faith that your prayers will be answered, faith that people will listen, faith that things will work out, faith in God in general. I am so grateful for this opportunity to serve. My heart breaks thinking about leaving this area, but Hermana Edwards is needed somewhere else I guess. I may not understand why things happen the way that they do but all is well. I am not here to know everything but to learn and grow in faith a little more every day. I hope that you all have a wonderful week this week and that you can depend on your faith just a little bit more! I LOVE YOU ALL!

With all the Love from Guatemala,
Hermana Edwards


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