Hermana Edwards – YOU WON’T BELIEVE WHAT IS IN MY STOMACH (week 10)

Hermana Edwards here once again with the weekly update!

First off, as sister missionaries we are expected to be in the ward choir…. so we are. And I think that because I am white and I live close to Utah it is autimatically assumed that I am a master on they keys…… I am not, but here I am in Guatemala as the ward choir pianist. Mom thank you for having me take piano lessons so I do not look like a total fool when we have ward conference….. this might be interesting. But on other news let me give you an update of what is in my stomach. So this week has been full of new food which has been good…..until yesterday. So let me set this scene up for you all. Yesterday was Fast Sunday so like most Mormons do, we fasted. One of the families in our ward invited us for dinner and told us that they were making their favorite dinner, so I got real excited I though it was pizza because all Guates love pizza. They told us after we were done with our work tomorrow to come on over and share a message and eat dinner. Around 7 we show up at this families house stoked to eat because we are pretty durn hungry. We share a message and then gather around the table. They start dishing up our plates and setting them in front of us. My comp from up North looked at it and looked at me and said you go first. I looked at it and said I think it is mushrooms….. trying to lie to myself because watever it was was not familiar to me. We both put in and chewed… now I cannot really tell you how this tasted…. but definitely was not my favorite food ever. The members watched us for approval and you had better believere we put smiles on. It was the game where you only chewed enough so you didn’t choke when it went down. After getting that down my comp from Honduras asked what it was….. this is where you think of the oddest meat that you can eat… keeping guessing I bet you are wrong……. because last night I ate monkey uterus….. that is right, you read that right, I ate monkey uterus…. there is a monkey in the jungle of Guatemala that is missing its uterus because it is sitting inside of me right now. My father is probably gagging right now, but bienvenida Guatemala monkey uterus for everyone!!!!!

Well that is not all that happened this week, 4 weeks into the field and I was finally chased by my first dog up a mountain in a skirt. My comp would not stop laughing, she thought it was the funniest thing that she had ever seen. I also held a boa constrictor in the mall and the Elders were pretty impressed with that one because I was the first one up to hold it. I have never felt so popular in my life. Everyone there was taking pictures of the white girl with the snake.

Also we had a first service project this week. And I learned how to cut a tree with an ax! I am lumberjack now. Also I can make tortillas like a Champina. I am living the Guate Dream down here for sure.

And of course there was some Gospel time in this past week. I had the opportunity to teach a 10 year old girl that I have come to love so dearly. She loves the scriptures and reads them, so diligently. It is really so impressive. She is open to the Gospel and wants to learn more. I think I am understanding being as a little child. They have no guile and they have a lot of patience. She is so sweet and is preparing for Baptism right now.

This past week I have also seen the language coming more and more, My Norte comp was out for 2 days so it was me and only Spanish. It was difficult at first but I spoke, the words came and my mouth was open ready to share those words. What a great blessing to see that in my life.

Well everyone I hope that you are having a good week and if not, just think of me eating monkey uterus. I love this Gospel and I love this work. There is power in obedience and there is power in love. My language is not perfect and I do not expect it to be, but the people here know that I love them and that is all I can ask for right now. This week has certainly been a trial of patience but it has been a week of trying new things. I love this country, I love this people and I love being a missionary. Have a beautiful day!!!!! I love you all!!!

Love your monkey uterus eating missionary,
Hermana Edwards


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