Hello from Guatemala! -Week 9

Date: Mon, 29 Jul 2013 17:37:49 -0600
Subject: Hello from Guatemala!

Hola Mundo, it is that time once again to hear from your pal in good old Guate!

So this week started out a little rough, we received a call early in the morning from our zone leader that said we needed to check our email as soon as possible. We had recieved a letter from the President about a missionary in our mission that we knew was in the hospital had just passed away. In one month my mission has had two missionaries die and our sweet President wanted to share his testimony with us on the Plan of Salvation. Who would have thought that his sweet testimony would have aided us later in the week.

Later, we contacted this woman who has been really receptive to the Gospel, she told us how she has had four children but three of them have died. Because of our earlier experience that week and our praying and studying on the Plan of Happiness we were able to teach her more fully of what I think that she needed to hear. The plan that God has set for us really is powerful. Sometimes it is rough and we are put in situations that we really do not know what to do, but I am more than confident that there is a plan for each and every single one of us.

This week we tried really hard with contacting. We have found that the easiest way to contact is when we are buying food. This one guy that we were talking with told us he wanted us to meet his son, so his son came walking in and started talking with is. He told us how he likes to play intruments and what not and my companion from Honduras told him that I like to sing and then she had me sing for him. My sweet companion is now having me sing for everyone we make contact with and it is really awkward sometimes when I am in the middle of the road just singing. But it works, I do not know how because I have never been very good, but I will do whatever I can to teach people the gospel.

Like always my Spanish is not perfect, but I am very aware of that and I am becoming better friends with the members in the ward. The sweet older ladies will pull me aside and ask me to sing their favorite hymns for them and although I cannot speak the language and always understand it I am more than grateful to be able to sit and sing with them for just a moment.

I had my primero bautismo this last Saturday. This kid that we baptized was kind of a rebel, but we got along really well. My trainer didnt really like I,t but I love this boy a whole lot and am so excited for him and am really looking forward to him receiving the Priesthood in just a little bit.

This week really has been good. I have learned a lot but that is always expected. We have had a good time for sure from singing in the streets to running away from the drunks that are chasing us. I truly do love this country and the people here. I wish that I could fully express my love in words but one day I will be able to . It is all about the faith and works and my faith grows a little bit more every day and I have the desire to work a little bit more every day. Well I love you all and so dearly hope that you are have a good week. If not just think of me with fleas in Guatemala and that will cheer you up for sure! Peace and Blessings yall!

Con Amor,
Hermana Edwards


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