Week 8 from Guatemala


So the big news for this week is that I got to use the keys! HOLLER! To get to our little abode there are five doors that use five different keys and I had the grand privelage of using the keys! What a success! But really there has greater things than that. This week has been infinitely times better than last week. I can hardly express it. No I am still not speaking very good spanish and yes the members make fun of me because my body is all red and splotchy from all of the bugs but other things have happened.

This week the light went on, no not with Spanish but rather why I am here. We went to visit a man that has not been at church for awhile because he is sick. We spoke with him for a good long while and he told us that he has not left his bed for 9 months because of the sickness that he has. My heart just broke but there were some pretty prominant thoughts in my mind. At times it is hard to wake up every day early in the morning but this man would love to have that opportunity. And I am not the only person that is waking up this early in the morning there are plenty of other missionaries that are waking up with me everyday and getting to work. My Spanish is not the best and ability to teach is not the best but I sure do love the people here and I love to serve them.

I have learned a lot about faith this week as well. We said that we wanted to have a baptism at the end of this month and we were determined. The first night that I was in the field we had a sister comitt to this Saturday. We decided to stop by her house last week and boy did we have a bomb drop on us. Basically she can not get baptised this Saturday because of a lot of problems that she has with her boyfriend. She lives with her boyfriend and wants to move out but she cannot because she is afraid. He is a heavy alcoholic and is very abusive. She has all the desire to be baptised but it will take faith and works on both our ends. We are kind of at a stand still of what to do but I know God is very aware.

We were very upset about not having a baptism this month, but we still went on doing what we do. Last night we went to teach one of our investigators who has kind of refused to be baptised. But last night he committed for this Saturday. I tell you it is all about the faith and the works. Miracles really do happen. So my first baptism in the field is this Saturday and I am so thrilled for the opportunity.

We spend a lot of time with our district and zone more time than I ever thought but I am really grateful for. My district leaders name is Elder Gajkowski and he is so great. Last week after our zone meeting he told me to go ask another Elder what he had said about me after he met me the first day so I did and this other Elder said that he wanted me in his district so bad because I was different. Elder Gajkowski turned bright red and told me I was emberrassing him because I said that was the dang cutest thing I had ever heard. Elder Gajkowski is real great and real patient.

I had my first encounter with a crazy and boy I have never felt so awkward in my whole entire life. He came to me and started relaying the first vision and told me he was Jesus. He then walked away and came back and in very rough English said sorry and he was not Jesus. He then proceeded to tell me how he had a dream about me and I was an angel and spoke to him and kept telling me I was a blessing I wanted to tell him I know I am a blessing but then I thought….. better not.

I really love my ward. The adults do not really talk to me but all of the Youth and the primary kids love me… I think it is because I am soooo white. They ask me to sing for them in English and teach them words. I really really love being with them.

Well this is the longest email I apologize for that but if you made it to the end you deserve a parade or something of the sort. Also I am playing a new game how many people can fit on a motorcycle the most that I have seen is 4 if you have seen more please update me. Well know I love you all and love to hear from you. I can hardly express my love for this mission everyday when we walk home I feel like I am leaving Disneyland. I am wet, my feet hurt, but there is so much I still want to do, so many people I want to talk to. This work is real and hard but it is more than worth it. Over and out.

Con Amor,
Hermana Edwards


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