I am alive and thriving


Okay it has been quite awhile since we last spoke so here it is I am about to drop this like it is hot.

A week ago I left the CCM, can we get an AMEN, I made it through that! But now here I am in the field. It is seriously so different and kind of hard. Last Tuesday all of us were loaded up on a bus and some older missionaries got on as well. One of the missionaries looked at me and he said that he called dibs sitting behind me. He told me all about his mission and how he was hoping that he would be getting a new gringa in his zone, but he didnt think that they would send some one new. He told me about how where the sisters live is close to where the sisters were kidnapped in December. He basically talked about how scary his mission was and whatever else nonesense. The next day we went to the chapel and got put in our new districts and what not and the Elder that I talked to on the bus is actually my district leader….. you heard that right everyone.

My mission is supposedly more dangerous than others so at 5 we have to be with a member of the ward. But I have never really felt not safe. I have never wanted to talk more in my life, but I have found it so hard, but at the same time my language is getting better every day. I already committed this sweet 17 year old to baptism who would have ever thought that I would be speaking Spanish in my first week.

Before I left the CCM I prayed so hard for my companion and I was lucky enough to get 2. One is from Boston and we get along so well and the other is from Honduras. They are both teaching me so much. I washed my clothes in a cement tub for the first time and hung them on a clothes line…… I felt pretty accomplished.

The people here are so impressive. Part of my mission is city and the other part is shacks built into dirt hills. There are a lot of dogs, chickens, and ducks and I like to chase the chickens. I can hardly explain the terrain it is so hard, every night when we get home I feel like I have hiked out of Havasupai, but at the same time I feel so accomplished. If I am not bleeding, dirty and gross I did not do enough work. There is a lot of power here. A couple days ago I was walking and it started to pour and let me tell you fleas in the rain is not fun, but again it is more than worth it.

I really love this place. I really love my ward. The Bishop had me share my testimony on Sunday and the people were so kind even though my Spanish can hardly express what I want to. Sorry this email is jumbled but I want to thank everyone that has sent me letters, I just got them all and they mean a whole lot to me. I want you all to know that I love this work. I love having the opportunity to share something I love so dearly in a the language of the people I am with. I know that God is very aware of us and wants us to suceed. Sometimes it will be so hard and we will have fleas and be bleeding, but it is through the work that we are refined into what we need to be. I love you all!

Con Amor,
Hermana Edwards


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