Week 5 – Ready for the Field


Coma estan to all my nortes up north! I am so excited to be able to write you all! Oh my goodness this is my last time writing before I am in my actual mission! Isnt that a little absurd. Well I cannot hardly express how good this week has been!

First off the week started off with a tag change. We all wear our tags on the right side except the Elders can still wear their little slidy tags on the left. Kind of big news right… okay maybe not but it is certainly different. Also, we got to go to the Market last week and it was so much fun. I loved it and one day I will take my mom there fyi because she would have loved it. We got to take a little tour of the city which was amazing Guatemala is so beautiful and the people here are even more beautiful. And we got to take pictures which hopefully I can upload in the field. ALso last week was the last time that we got to attend the temple because it is now closed for cleaning, but because it was going to be closed people from all over Guatemala were coming and staying at the temple housing to get in a last few sessions. The people here are so faithful. Our new classroom is actually in the temple housing so we got to meet a lot of these new people. I met a few little girls that I just loved. They would come into our classroom our sit in on my discussions and sit on my lap or hold my hand or show my their limes. I just loved them.

One day ojn our way to the temple we ran into our favorite temple workers and chatted with them for a minute. Later a group of little girls came up and wanted to take pictures with us. One of them asked me where I was from and I told her Vegas and she said that she was from there as well. This 13 year old girl was born in Guatemala and just happened to be on vacation visiting her family she kept giving me hugs and was so sweet. She told me she was going to serve a mission like me and come back to Guatemala. She asked me after my mission if I would find her in Vegas and you better beleive I said yes. When we said bye she said see you in 18 months. Picture of these girls to follow which you better believe I got in trouble for that too.

The day after that with , I was backing to class and I passed by this guy and turned around and he was like what are you doing here…. you better believe that I went to school with this boy for the past two years of my life and he just happened to be visiting his mission! It was crazy seeing a little piece of Logan in Guatemala. Also I do now believe that I am going to the Guatemala City East mission. It just opened a couple of days ago so that will be neat.

Joke of the week! YAY!!!! So in class we were talking and writing on the board just examples of whatever we were learning and it was my turn so I went up to the board to write my sentence…. and after I confidently sat down I looked at my maestro who was cracking up and I did not understand. He laughs at me a lot so I did not think much of it. He went up to the board and fixed one of my words and then proceeded to tell the class that I had just cussed at them….. jokes on him he thought I did it on accident….. chiste!

Anyways I hope that you all have a HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY! I guess they dont celebrate that down here… only kidding I already knew that!! WEll I love you all and am hoping that you are doing so swell!!! I am trying my best and always moving even if I accidently cuss. This church is certainly true and I am so grateful for it and I cannot wait to bring it to people in a week! You all are in my prayers! Keep on keeping on!!!

Con Amor,
Hermana Edwards


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