Hello from Guatemala! -Week 9

Date: Mon, 29 Jul 2013 17:37:49 -0600
Subject: Hello from Guatemala!

Hola Mundo, it is that time once again to hear from your pal in good old Guate!

So this week started out a little rough, we received a call early in the morning from our zone leader that said we needed to check our email as soon as possible. We had recieved a letter from the President about a missionary in our mission that we knew was in the hospital had just passed away. In one month my mission has had two missionaries die and our sweet President wanted to share his testimony with us on the Plan of Salvation. Who would have thought that his sweet testimony would have aided us later in the week.

Later, we contacted this woman who has been really receptive to the Gospel, she told us how she has had four children but three of them have died. Because of our earlier experience that week and our praying and studying on the Plan of Happiness we were able to teach her more fully of what I think that she needed to hear. The plan that God has set for us really is powerful. Sometimes it is rough and we are put in situations that we really do not know what to do, but I am more than confident that there is a plan for each and every single one of us.

This week we tried really hard with contacting. We have found that the easiest way to contact is when we are buying food. This one guy that we were talking with told us he wanted us to meet his son, so his son came walking in and started talking with is. He told us how he likes to play intruments and what not and my companion from Honduras told him that I like to sing and then she had me sing for him. My sweet companion is now having me sing for everyone we make contact with and it is really awkward sometimes when I am in the middle of the road just singing. But it works, I do not know how because I have never been very good, but I will do whatever I can to teach people the gospel.

Like always my Spanish is not perfect, but I am very aware of that and I am becoming better friends with the members in the ward. The sweet older ladies will pull me aside and ask me to sing their favorite hymns for them and although I cannot speak the language and always understand it I am more than grateful to be able to sit and sing with them for just a moment.

I had my primero bautismo this last Saturday. This kid that we baptized was kind of a rebel, but we got along really well. My trainer didnt really like I,t but I love this boy a whole lot and am so excited for him and am really looking forward to him receiving the Priesthood in just a little bit.

This week really has been good. I have learned a lot but that is always expected. We have had a good time for sure from singing in the streets to running away from the drunks that are chasing us. I truly do love this country and the people here. I wish that I could fully express my love in words but one day I will be able to . It is all about the faith and works and my faith grows a little bit more every day and I have the desire to work a little bit more every day. Well I love you all and so dearly hope that you are have a good week. If not just think of me with fleas in Guatemala and that will cheer you up for sure! Peace and Blessings yall!

Con Amor,
Hermana Edwards

Week 8 from Guatemala


So the big news for this week is that I got to use the keys! HOLLER! To get to our little abode there are five doors that use five different keys and I had the grand privelage of using the keys! What a success! But really there has greater things than that. This week has been infinitely times better than last week. I can hardly express it. No I am still not speaking very good spanish and yes the members make fun of me because my body is all red and splotchy from all of the bugs but other things have happened.

This week the light went on, no not with Spanish but rather why I am here. We went to visit a man that has not been at church for awhile because he is sick. We spoke with him for a good long while and he told us that he has not left his bed for 9 months because of the sickness that he has. My heart just broke but there were some pretty prominant thoughts in my mind. At times it is hard to wake up every day early in the morning but this man would love to have that opportunity. And I am not the only person that is waking up this early in the morning there are plenty of other missionaries that are waking up with me everyday and getting to work. My Spanish is not the best and ability to teach is not the best but I sure do love the people here and I love to serve them.

I have learned a lot about faith this week as well. We said that we wanted to have a baptism at the end of this month and we were determined. The first night that I was in the field we had a sister comitt to this Saturday. We decided to stop by her house last week and boy did we have a bomb drop on us. Basically she can not get baptised this Saturday because of a lot of problems that she has with her boyfriend. She lives with her boyfriend and wants to move out but she cannot because she is afraid. He is a heavy alcoholic and is very abusive. She has all the desire to be baptised but it will take faith and works on both our ends. We are kind of at a stand still of what to do but I know God is very aware.

We were very upset about not having a baptism this month, but we still went on doing what we do. Last night we went to teach one of our investigators who has kind of refused to be baptised. But last night he committed for this Saturday. I tell you it is all about the faith and the works. Miracles really do happen. So my first baptism in the field is this Saturday and I am so thrilled for the opportunity.

We spend a lot of time with our district and zone more time than I ever thought but I am really grateful for. My district leaders name is Elder Gajkowski and he is so great. Last week after our zone meeting he told me to go ask another Elder what he had said about me after he met me the first day so I did and this other Elder said that he wanted me in his district so bad because I was different. Elder Gajkowski turned bright red and told me I was emberrassing him because I said that was the dang cutest thing I had ever heard. Elder Gajkowski is real great and real patient.

I had my first encounter with a crazy and boy I have never felt so awkward in my whole entire life. He came to me and started relaying the first vision and told me he was Jesus. He then walked away and came back and in very rough English said sorry and he was not Jesus. He then proceeded to tell me how he had a dream about me and I was an angel and spoke to him and kept telling me I was a blessing I wanted to tell him I know I am a blessing but then I thought….. better not.

I really love my ward. The adults do not really talk to me but all of the Youth and the primary kids love me… I think it is because I am soooo white. They ask me to sing for them in English and teach them words. I really really love being with them.

Well this is the longest email I apologize for that but if you made it to the end you deserve a parade or something of the sort. Also I am playing a new game how many people can fit on a motorcycle the most that I have seen is 4 if you have seen more please update me. Well know I love you all and love to hear from you. I can hardly express my love for this mission everyday when we walk home I feel like I am leaving Disneyland. I am wet, my feet hurt, but there is so much I still want to do, so many people I want to talk to. This work is real and hard but it is more than worth it. Over and out.

Con Amor,
Hermana Edwards

I am alive and thriving


Okay it has been quite awhile since we last spoke so here it is I am about to drop this like it is hot.

A week ago I left the CCM, can we get an AMEN, I made it through that! But now here I am in the field. It is seriously so different and kind of hard. Last Tuesday all of us were loaded up on a bus and some older missionaries got on as well. One of the missionaries looked at me and he said that he called dibs sitting behind me. He told me all about his mission and how he was hoping that he would be getting a new gringa in his zone, but he didnt think that they would send some one new. He told me about how where the sisters live is close to where the sisters were kidnapped in December. He basically talked about how scary his mission was and whatever else nonesense. The next day we went to the chapel and got put in our new districts and what not and the Elder that I talked to on the bus is actually my district leader….. you heard that right everyone.

My mission is supposedly more dangerous than others so at 5 we have to be with a member of the ward. But I have never really felt not safe. I have never wanted to talk more in my life, but I have found it so hard, but at the same time my language is getting better every day. I already committed this sweet 17 year old to baptism who would have ever thought that I would be speaking Spanish in my first week.

Before I left the CCM I prayed so hard for my companion and I was lucky enough to get 2. One is from Boston and we get along so well and the other is from Honduras. They are both teaching me so much. I washed my clothes in a cement tub for the first time and hung them on a clothes line…… I felt pretty accomplished.

The people here are so impressive. Part of my mission is city and the other part is shacks built into dirt hills. There are a lot of dogs, chickens, and ducks and I like to chase the chickens. I can hardly explain the terrain it is so hard, every night when we get home I feel like I have hiked out of Havasupai, but at the same time I feel so accomplished. If I am not bleeding, dirty and gross I did not do enough work. There is a lot of power here. A couple days ago I was walking and it started to pour and let me tell you fleas in the rain is not fun, but again it is more than worth it.

I really love this place. I really love my ward. The Bishop had me share my testimony on Sunday and the people were so kind even though my Spanish can hardly express what I want to. Sorry this email is jumbled but I want to thank everyone that has sent me letters, I just got them all and they mean a whole lot to me. I want you all to know that I love this work. I love having the opportunity to share something I love so dearly in a the language of the people I am with. I know that God is very aware of us and wants us to suceed. Sometimes it will be so hard and we will have fleas and be bleeding, but it is through the work that we are refined into what we need to be. I love you all!

Con Amor,
Hermana Edwards

Guatemalan Sisters

Here’s a cute picture of the cute Hermanas from the CCM! Oh wait…who is that old lady? Why it’s Hermana Abuelita! Thanks for posing @ the temple for us. We love you! xox

The Sister in the green shirt and tan skirt is Alyssa’s companion.


Week 5 – Ready for the Field


Coma estan to all my nortes up north! I am so excited to be able to write you all! Oh my goodness this is my last time writing before I am in my actual mission! Isnt that a little absurd. Well I cannot hardly express how good this week has been!

First off the week started off with a tag change. We all wear our tags on the right side except the Elders can still wear their little slidy tags on the left. Kind of big news right… okay maybe not but it is certainly different. Also, we got to go to the Market last week and it was so much fun. I loved it and one day I will take my mom there fyi because she would have loved it. We got to take a little tour of the city which was amazing Guatemala is so beautiful and the people here are even more beautiful. And we got to take pictures which hopefully I can upload in the field. ALso last week was the last time that we got to attend the temple because it is now closed for cleaning, but because it was going to be closed people from all over Guatemala were coming and staying at the temple housing to get in a last few sessions. The people here are so faithful. Our new classroom is actually in the temple housing so we got to meet a lot of these new people. I met a few little girls that I just loved. They would come into our classroom our sit in on my discussions and sit on my lap or hold my hand or show my their limes. I just loved them.

One day ojn our way to the temple we ran into our favorite temple workers and chatted with them for a minute. Later a group of little girls came up and wanted to take pictures with us. One of them asked me where I was from and I told her Vegas and she said that she was from there as well. This 13 year old girl was born in Guatemala and just happened to be on vacation visiting her family she kept giving me hugs and was so sweet. She told me she was going to serve a mission like me and come back to Guatemala. She asked me after my mission if I would find her in Vegas and you better beleive I said yes. When we said bye she said see you in 18 months. Picture of these girls to follow which you better believe I got in trouble for that too.

The day after that with , I was backing to class and I passed by this guy and turned around and he was like what are you doing here…. you better believe that I went to school with this boy for the past two years of my life and he just happened to be visiting his mission! It was crazy seeing a little piece of Logan in Guatemala. Also I do now believe that I am going to the Guatemala City East mission. It just opened a couple of days ago so that will be neat.

Joke of the week! YAY!!!! So in class we were talking and writing on the board just examples of whatever we were learning and it was my turn so I went up to the board to write my sentence…. and after I confidently sat down I looked at my maestro who was cracking up and I did not understand. He laughs at me a lot so I did not think much of it. He went up to the board and fixed one of my words and then proceeded to tell the class that I had just cussed at them….. jokes on him he thought I did it on accident….. chiste!

Anyways I hope that you all have a HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY! I guess they dont celebrate that down here… only kidding I already knew that!! WEll I love you all and am hoping that you are doing so swell!!! I am trying my best and always moving even if I accidently cuss. This church is certainly true and I am so grateful for it and I cannot wait to bring it to people in a week! You all are in my prayers! Keep on keeping on!!!

Con Amor,
Hermana Edwards