Week 4 – She’s feelin’ better! (Thank Heavens)


Okay everybody here is another email from the beautiful Guatemala! This week was good, I was kind of out of it for half of it taking whatever medicine that I was on, but nonetheless it has been muy bueno.

Remember (well some of you will remember) that joke we have where I can never get away from Michael Ballam…. well we just added to it a little bit more. After we went to the temple last week some one was talking about good old Michael and I was like that was one of my professors and then this other Elder turned around and said…. wait for it…. THATS MY UNCLE!!!! Oh my life….. Anyways he told me all of these stories how Michael went to see their dying great uncle or something like that and was trying to sing to him….. es verdad….

Also, another fun fact for the day, one of the Hermanas came up to me a couple of nights ago with a letter from her dad. This sweet Hermana is from California and her name is Hermana Blackmer. She showed me this letter and it told her to look out for a Hermana Edwards from Las Vegas (that is me). Her dad was contacted by this lady that he sat next to on the plane to their missions in Rome. This sweet lady´s name is Mayree Edwards. I sure hope that this email gets to Mayree because of that sweet lady I now have family (as close as you can get) in the CCM. I love this Hermana so very much and for her to show me this letter that spoke so highly of my Aunt Mayree I started to cry….. DUH! The next day I told the Elder that I sat next to on the airplane to watch out because he might be meeting my future generations…… Wow my corazon is so full because of the gospel. It truly is amazing how people can meet and I am so grateful for it!

Another fun fact of the day, I heard that all of the renovations going on at The CCM are making it so that missionaries that are supposed to come down here are now having to go to Provo… dang that is rough…

Last night we had the opportunity to watch a world wide conference that was shown to all of the MTCs and also wards and what not. It was amazing and powerful to see all of these people that are floatin in the same boat with me and it made my day! I am so gratedful for the opportunity to serve but there really is only so much that missionaries can do. I am trying my hardest to be exactly obendient and learn a language so that I can be used more fully by the Lord, but you don’t only serve a mission for 18 to 24 months. Missions are life time things. I would really like to invite all of you that read this (hopefully it is not just my mom) to put your hands into the missionary work. Missionary work is not just those who do not have the gospel but it is also for those who may have fallen away. We have entered the Second Coming, it started the day Joseph Smith prayed to our Padre Celestial y nuestros Salvador. Se que este work is verdad. It is time for all of us get to work. The work starts when we get on our knees just like Joseph Smith. I hope that you all take the opportunity to pray about this and see what maybe you can do. This is the time and I am so grateful for the opportunity to work in this time and bring those that are in need of this sweet gospel to our Savior.

Know that I love you all and love to hear what is going on in America! Keep in touch! The Lord has given us this work so we will all do our best and carry on and because of that we will not fail! mucho amor! pez y bendiciones!

Con Amor,
Hermana Edwards


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