Guatemala – Week 3


Hello all today is the big day where I get to tell you about the happenings of this week! First off a couple shout outs! Happy birthday Elder Baker, Jordan Fish, Tucker, Dexter, Ryan Archibald…… and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO MY PARENTS!!!!!! Today is a big day, it marks the half way point of my stay here in the MTC! Good heavens isn’t that nuts! Also, 20 years ago today the lives of Jeff and Marci were so blessed because that woman I call my mom birthed me! DOLLA MAKE ME HOLLA! Yep today I am 20 and have been sung to multiple times and have only gotten in trouble once!

This week has been good. We went to Wal Mart last week! YAH BEST DAY EVER! and had American comida at the mall. Last Thursday I started to come down with some sickness and it progressively got worse. On Saturday I could hardly keep my eyes open and one of the sweet elders in my district asked if he could give me a blessing. Him and his companero gave me such a sweet blessing I can hardly even express it. After wards the Elder told me he didnt think that the blessing worked because I wasn’t healed and I said just wait. The next day (Domingo) The doctor and his wife came. I walked by the office and Elder Paravoto (my amigo) was telling the nurse that I was sick. She asked me what distrito I was in. And she told me that I was not in the distrotoinfermo entonces my sickness would pass. Later, micompanera told me that she thought that I needed to see the doctor, so I did. When I saw hime he told me that I have some sort of virus that starts in the stomach and works its way to the head. While he was talking with me he kept feeling impressed to give me different types of medicine. He had a feeling that I could potetionally have bleeding in my bladder so he gave me this medicine that is building a wall or something like that. Needless to say my medicine hurts like the diable but I am doing better. It is amazing the impressions that we can be given when we are close to the spirit. I am grateful to Dr. Cameron.

Also, this kid right here is becoming besties with the old folks. THe temple workers live on the floor above me and so I see them a lot. There is this sweet lady with bright red hair and she told me I could call her grandma…. you better beleive I call her grandma. Also the old people give me pep talks and they are pretty good especially because they are in Ingles.

Another side not. One of the Elders that I am friends with, his name is Elder Jenks and he played rugby for BYU! I immediately told him that my cousin Caleb loves BYU rugby and he told me to tell HOLA to Caleb!

Well, the happenings of this week are not all to exciting pero I am still carrying on. I want you all to know that I love you all so dearly and thank you for the emails and the support. I am grateful every day that to have the knowledge of the Gospel in my life. I know that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is that true, restored church of God. And I know that I am doing God´s work and that although the language may be hard that there is no way that he is going to let me fail. I love the gospel and I love my Salvador and I have come to understand that I need his atonement every day to make me a little bit better and a little bit stronger. I have been so blessed to be surrounded by wonderful people who know how to make me better.

Entonces, much love is coming to you all from this 20 YEAR OLD HERMANA! WHOOT WHOOT WHOOT! I pray for you all daily because I know how to say it in Espanol.

I will continue to do my best and carry on!

Con Amor,
Over and Out
Hermana Edwards


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