Week 2 – trouble or just fun??

Ok before you start just know that Maestros translates to teachers.

SO you may all be
questioning my logic when I titled this like father like daughter.
Well…. let me tell you. In my 10 day stay here at the ccm I have
gotten in trouble TWICE! Now let me tell you why, primero: my roomates
left their suitcases out…. I caught the wrath… segundo: I was
skipping…… that is all I need to say about that. I told my
maestros that I keep getting in trouble and they all call me DIABLA…
I figure it works. My maestros told me that the name Edwards is
quickly moving through the CCM and that the big authority does not like
that. My maestros told me to not stop what I am doing, but keep
being Hermana Edwards and if I get in trouble again to just tell them.
PHEW good thing people like me here! Anyways rainy season has hit here
and I LOVE IT. We have deportes in the afternoon and a couple days ago
it started to pour we were soaking but it was probably the funnest
game of volleyball EVER. I also had to get a shot… in Guatemala….
in a bathroom…. that was interesting…. and entertaining…. me and
a 4 foot guatemalan together… enough said. Also, another good
story,mom you will like this one, so I went into the bathroom stall
and I got lucky because I had the nice big one and as I was shutting
the door I got my finger stuck, smooshed flat. I hurried and shut the
door and looked at my purple finger and next thing I know I woke up
and my face was in a puddle of used shower water…. this little nim
passed out because I smashed my finger….. so if when my finger nail
falls off I am keeping it to give to my dad (yeah you pops) asa keep
sake of my stay in the CCM. ON Sunday we had companera switches. So
this blanco kid had a latina hermana. Oh my, I have never heard
anyonespeak soooo fast. But she was sweet and we showed each other
pictures of our families. I also have been chosen to be the Latinas
favorite sister. I think it is just because I make them laugh but they
told me they would miss me when they move tomorrow! My heart breaks a
little because I love them…. but I still have a hard time
understanding. Also we did a session the temple last week and it was
so AMAZING! And one more thought, tomorrow we venture to WAL-MART and
we get to have McDonalds for lunch, we are being so treated! I am
really stoked to get out of the CCM! Well I love you all! And remember
that we do our best and carry on! Love, Hermana Edwards


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