Week 4 – She’s feelin’ better! (Thank Heavens)


Okay everybody here is another email from the beautiful Guatemala! This week was good, I was kind of out of it for half of it taking whatever medicine that I was on, but nonetheless it has been muy bueno.

Remember (well some of you will remember) that joke we have where I can never get away from Michael Ballam…. well we just added to it a little bit more. After we went to the temple last week some one was talking about good old Michael and I was like that was one of my professors and then this other Elder turned around and said…. wait for it…. THATS MY UNCLE!!!! Oh my life….. Anyways he told me all of these stories how Michael went to see their dying great uncle or something like that and was trying to sing to him….. es verdad….

Also, another fun fact for the day, one of the Hermanas came up to me a couple of nights ago with a letter from her dad. This sweet Hermana is from California and her name is Hermana Blackmer. She showed me this letter and it told her to look out for a Hermana Edwards from Las Vegas (that is me). Her dad was contacted by this lady that he sat next to on the plane to their missions in Rome. This sweet lady´s name is Mayree Edwards. I sure hope that this email gets to Mayree because of that sweet lady I now have family (as close as you can get) in the CCM. I love this Hermana so very much and for her to show me this letter that spoke so highly of my Aunt Mayree I started to cry….. DUH! The next day I told the Elder that I sat next to on the airplane to watch out because he might be meeting my future generations…… Wow my corazon is so full because of the gospel. It truly is amazing how people can meet and I am so grateful for it!

Another fun fact of the day, I heard that all of the renovations going on at The CCM are making it so that missionaries that are supposed to come down here are now having to go to Provo… dang that is rough…

Last night we had the opportunity to watch a world wide conference that was shown to all of the MTCs and also wards and what not. It was amazing and powerful to see all of these people that are floatin in the same boat with me and it made my day! I am so gratedful for the opportunity to serve but there really is only so much that missionaries can do. I am trying my hardest to be exactly obendient and learn a language so that I can be used more fully by the Lord, but you don’t only serve a mission for 18 to 24 months. Missions are life time things. I would really like to invite all of you that read this (hopefully it is not just my mom) to put your hands into the missionary work. Missionary work is not just those who do not have the gospel but it is also for those who may have fallen away. We have entered the Second Coming, it started the day Joseph Smith prayed to our Padre Celestial y nuestros Salvador. Se que este work is verdad. It is time for all of us get to work. The work starts when we get on our knees just like Joseph Smith. I hope that you all take the opportunity to pray about this and see what maybe you can do. This is the time and I am so grateful for the opportunity to work in this time and bring those that are in need of this sweet gospel to our Savior.

Know that I love you all and love to hear what is going on in America! Keep in touch! The Lord has given us this work so we will all do our best and carry on and because of that we will not fail! mucho amor! pez y bendiciones!

Con Amor,
Hermana Edwards


Guatemala – Week 3


Hello all today is the big day where I get to tell you about the happenings of this week! First off a couple shout outs! Happy birthday Elder Baker, Jordan Fish, Tucker, Dexter, Ryan Archibald…… and HAPPY ANNIVERSARY TO MY PARENTS!!!!!! Today is a big day, it marks the half way point of my stay here in the MTC! Good heavens isn’t that nuts! Also, 20 years ago today the lives of Jeff and Marci were so blessed because that woman I call my mom birthed me! DOLLA MAKE ME HOLLA! Yep today I am 20 and have been sung to multiple times and have only gotten in trouble once!

This week has been good. We went to Wal Mart last week! YAH BEST DAY EVER! and had American comida at the mall. Last Thursday I started to come down with some sickness and it progressively got worse. On Saturday I could hardly keep my eyes open and one of the sweet elders in my district asked if he could give me a blessing. Him and his companero gave me such a sweet blessing I can hardly even express it. After wards the Elder told me he didnt think that the blessing worked because I wasn’t healed and I said just wait. The next day (Domingo) The doctor and his wife came. I walked by the office and Elder Paravoto (my amigo) was telling the nurse that I was sick. She asked me what distrito I was in. And she told me that I was not in the distrotoinfermo entonces my sickness would pass. Later, micompanera told me that she thought that I needed to see the doctor, so I did. When I saw hime he told me that I have some sort of virus that starts in the stomach and works its way to the head. While he was talking with me he kept feeling impressed to give me different types of medicine. He had a feeling that I could potetionally have bleeding in my bladder so he gave me this medicine that is building a wall or something like that. Needless to say my medicine hurts like the diable but I am doing better. It is amazing the impressions that we can be given when we are close to the spirit. I am grateful to Dr. Cameron.

Also, this kid right here is becoming besties with the old folks. THe temple workers live on the floor above me and so I see them a lot. There is this sweet lady with bright red hair and she told me I could call her grandma…. you better beleive I call her grandma. Also the old people give me pep talks and they are pretty good especially because they are in Ingles.

Another side not. One of the Elders that I am friends with, his name is Elder Jenks and he played rugby for BYU! I immediately told him that my cousin Caleb loves BYU rugby and he told me to tell HOLA to Caleb!

Well, the happenings of this week are not all to exciting pero I am still carrying on. I want you all to know that I love you all so dearly and thank you for the emails and the support. I am grateful every day that to have the knowledge of the Gospel in my life. I know that the Gospel of Jesus Christ is that true, restored church of God. And I know that I am doing God´s work and that although the language may be hard that there is no way that he is going to let me fail. I love the gospel and I love my Salvador and I have come to understand that I need his atonement every day to make me a little bit better and a little bit stronger. I have been so blessed to be surrounded by wonderful people who know how to make me better.

Entonces, much love is coming to you all from this 20 YEAR OLD HERMANA! WHOOT WHOOT WHOOT! I pray for you all daily because I know how to say it in Espanol.

I will continue to do my best and carry on!

Con Amor,
Over and Out
Hermana Edwards

Week 2 – trouble or just fun??

Ok before you start just know that Maestros translates to teachers.

SO you may all be
questioning my logic when I titled this like father like daughter.
Well…. let me tell you. In my 10 day stay here at the ccm I have
gotten in trouble TWICE! Now let me tell you why, primero: my roomates
left their suitcases out…. I caught the wrath… segundo: I was
skipping…… that is all I need to say about that. I told my
maestros that I keep getting in trouble and they all call me DIABLA…
I figure it works. My maestros told me that the name Edwards is
quickly moving through the CCM and that the big authority does not like
that. My maestros told me to not stop what I am doing, but keep
being Hermana Edwards and if I get in trouble again to just tell them.
PHEW good thing people like me here! Anyways rainy season has hit here
and I LOVE IT. We have deportes in the afternoon and a couple days ago
it started to pour we were soaking but it was probably the funnest
game of volleyball EVER. I also had to get a shot… in Guatemala….
in a bathroom…. that was interesting…. and entertaining…. me and
a 4 foot guatemalan together… enough said. Also, another good
story,mom you will like this one, so I went into the bathroom stall
and I got lucky because I had the nice big one and as I was shutting
the door I got my finger stuck, smooshed flat. I hurried and shut the
door and looked at my purple finger and next thing I know I woke up
and my face was in a puddle of used shower water…. this little nim
passed out because I smashed my finger….. so if when my finger nail
falls off I am keeping it to give to my dad (yeah you pops) asa keep
sake of my stay in the CCM. ON Sunday we had companera switches. So
this blanco kid had a latina hermana. Oh my, I have never heard
anyonespeak soooo fast. But she was sweet and we showed each other
pictures of our families. I also have been chosen to be the Latinas
favorite sister. I think it is just because I make them laugh but they
told me they would miss me when they move tomorrow! My heart breaks a
little because I love them…. but I still have a hard time
understanding. Also we did a session the temple last week and it was
so AMAZING! And one more thought, tomorrow we venture to WAL-MART and
we get to have McDonalds for lunch, we are being so treated! I am
really stoked to get out of the CCM! Well I love you all! And remember
that we do our best and carry on! Love, Hermana Edwards

Guatemala – Week 1

Hola mis padres, mis hermanas, y fellow nortes!

Here in the CCM the whities are reffered to as Norte and I kind of like it a lot it makes me feel cool. Mi sweet companera is a norte and she speaks the bonita lengua of espanol. My district is great, kind of crazy but what do you expect from a bunch of white kids immersed in Spanish and cooped up in a classroom all day. Ari, I got emails of your dearelder letters but I have not received them, on paper! Let me describe a little about the CCM to you Nortes. The CCM was built for the natives to live and learn so everything is a little bit on the small side. Sometimes I feel like Buddy the Elf….. check out the size of these toilets…..! But it is great. I do not how I got so lucky but mi companera y mi share a room con one other companionship…..ñ and we have our own bano!!!!!! It is like we are staying in a Hilton… for small people…. cool nonetheless. It is crazy how long we sit at our desks to learn Espanol. And even crazier how much we pray. Literally we wake up, pray, go to personal study,pray as a district then pray by ourselves (mind you I am praying en espanol whoop whoop) we got to desayuno y pray, then back for language study where we pray the whole time because no comprendo espanol, we then have companionship study which starts with a prayer, and then off to sports which is so bueno. We go to lunch were we pray and then back to studying were we pray again as a district and lessons which of course starts off with a prayer. We plan our lessons for our investigator (which we are teachin en espanol) and we start with a prayer for that as well. Sometimes all this espanol gets overwhelming, and then I remember…. my dad learned German….. and I suddenly feel a whole lot better about my life and my desicions!

Right now as a district we are teaching an investigator and his name is Alejandro. THe first lesson we were allowed to teach in ingles…. but day dos was en espanol….. I cried…. duh…. and pleaded for the gift of tongues. We have actually have had a lot of luck with this sweet boy. He is 18 and lost his dad. He desires for an eternal familia and he is enjoying reading EL Libro de Mormon. I absolutely adore this boy and have been able to cry with him (obviously I cry, I am an Edwards). I shared about sweet Corey Buxton and how it is through the gospel that his familia will be able to see him again. It really toughed his heart and we wept.

My district was put in the uppermost corner of the CCM but out our window we have a beautiful view of the temple which we actually get to go to tomorrow and I am so thilled. I am so amazed at all of these elderes y hermanas that are here. We all have growing to do, but we all know why we are here and having that veiw of this beautiful temple is another reminder to me as to why I need to be diligent in my studying, I have confidence in Christ that he will fill in when my language can not.

And of course I forgot stuff at home….. but we get to take a trip to WAL-MART next week. I guess it is the best field trip here! haha high classin it Guatemala. Being surrounded by the Espanas is definitely intimidating they know about as much ingles as I do Espanol…. but they think I am funny…. I repeat my humor has translated into GUATEMALAN.

Every day is the same here, the days feel like weeks, but I look back on this past week and it is crazy what I have done. This blanco kid can pray in Espanol and make the natives laugh. Sunday was so wonderful. I have never had so much church church but it was in INGLES except Sacrament meeting. Guess which Hermana Edwards bore her testimony on Sunday…. this one right here that is emailing you. I got up, spoke some espanol (I mean all in Espanol) said my amen amens and sat down. After wards the natives all came up to me and said you are so happy, why can you smile so much, what makes you happy……and I said everything (partially because that is the only thing that I knew how to say) But really I have a lot to be happy about. I am in Guatemala doing the Guate Squate, I can pray in espanol, I have a temple across the street, and my own bathroom…. cant ask for muich more.

Well, I think that is about it. Mom, the CCM is really safe, like prison safe. THe walls are really tall, bars on the windows, armed guards walking the perimeters, and we have only heard a few gun shots! AHHHH GUATEMALA.

Well I love you all and pray that you all know how much I love you, I am grateful to finally be serving the Lord in this beautiful country of Guatemala. I heard a quote from a movie we watched on Sunday (yeah we watch movies) and it my new statement to live by for the next 18 months, it is: I will do the best that I can and carry on. and it is true I am here to the best that I can and I will keep chugging.

Your almost spanish speaking amigo
Hermana Edwards