She has landed- May 29, 2013

Hello my family and friends!!!!!!!

AHHHHHHH I LOVE GUATEMALA AND I AM TYPING ON A SPANISH KEYBOARD!!!! What has my life come to? Well, I made it along with 40 other missionaries!!!! Kaitlin if you are reading this I met Elder Dalton! HOLLER TO VIEWMONT!!!! We got into the MTC (MMC) and my room was completely empty….. they are buiklding my beds as we speak! We got tohave a nap earlier which somesweet sisters let a few of us sleep in their room because we did not have beds … what are you going todo! Iabsolutely love it here though, it is already so tough and I feel inadequate but we have been asked to sit with Latina sisters who are so patient and kind and laugh at me so I am funny here!! YAY! PS mom Ihad to buy espanol scriptures down here so that will be showing up on the bill. I cannot expressmylove for Guatemala enough, Spanish is oober hard, but la iglesia es verdadera sono worries there I will beokay. And I was warned not to eat the fruta it gives you the runs….. whoops! Well we were onlygiven minutes to write but expect another email sometime next week and I will have time next tuesday towrite letters! I love you all!!!

With love,
Hermaña Edwards


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